Red light disregarded and car rammed

The four occupants of a fiat stilo had a guardian angel on monday afternoon when the 27-year-old driver tried to enter the intersection with the west tangent in kitzingen at the railroad underpass to kaltensondheimer strabe at grun. A 50-year-old truck driver apparently drove through the red light coming from the west tangent into the intersection and collided with the fiat.

The force of the impact caused the car to spin around and come to a stop in the opposite direction of travel. The truck, loaded with gravel, left the road, drove over the traffic island there, damaged several traffic signs and finally came to a halt on the roadway. The four passengers in the fiat, including three children aged between 13 and 17, miraculously suffered only minor injuries and were admitted to the kitzinger land clinic for treatment.

In the accident, a 33-year-old woman’s kia sorento, which was waiting at a traffic light, was damaged by flying vehicle parts. According to the police report, the total damage amounts to 7000 euros. The kitzingen fire department was on the scene with seven firefighters and took care of rescuing the injured and directing traffic.

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Don bosco bamberg turns the lever

DJK don bosco bamberg's ups and downs of the past few weeks continued against SC eltersdorf in the fubball-bayernliga nord. With the 3-0 victory, however, the wildensorger go optimistically into the coming tasks – and now hope for consistency in their performance. "That was the best home game under my reign, the team showed a great performance", said coach mario bail after the game.

Offensive style of play

DJK showed an impressive performance. From a secure defense, the attacks were carried out neatly. It only lasted until the 7. Minute, the spectators had the goal scream on the lips. Rosiwal, who had been released, passed to spies, who was running with the ball, and only a daredevil save by a defender just before the goal line prevented the opening goal.

Eltersdorf showed itself for the first time in the 28. In the second minute, the danger in front of the goal: the home side was unsorted, so the SC came several times to the conclusion, but with a little luck and a good goalkeeper glos, the goal could be avoided. Then DJK took command again: after a quick move via the very striking trawally and then via schmoll, the ball reached rosiwal, who skillfully scored for a deserved lead (36.).

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20 Cents per hour more

20 cents per hour more

Corona also has an effect on parking garages: because the city center was in almost complete lockdown for months, fewer people drove into town – and the parking garages remained empty. The cash registers also: "actually, we already had to increase the fees last year", says christian meyer, who is not only the managing director of wohnbau stadt coburg, but also of its subsidiary, the urban development company. It operates the now four parking garages in the city – post office, mauer, zinkenwehr and albertsplatz.

From 1. On january, parking in the four aforementioned buildings will become more expensive: by 20 cents per entry and hour. In the future, anyone who parks for only half an hour will pay 70 cents instead of 50 cents. The whole hour increases in price from 1.20 to 1.40 euros; each additional hour also costs 1.40 euros. The current half-hourly billing is eliminated after the first hour. Up to now, it has been possible to pay per half hour or part thereof. The whole day in the parking garage costs then 12,50 euro (at present still 11 euro).

These new tariffs are valid on weekdays and saturdays. At night and on weekends, the rates will remain the same as before, assure meyer and management member anette vogel. Between 8 p.M. And 8 a.M. A parking ticket costs 50 cents per hour or part thereof; a night parking ticket costs a maximum of 3 euros. This applies from monday to friday; from 8 p.M. On saturday to 8 a.M. On monday, you continue to pay 3 euros for the entire weekend, or 50 cents for each hour or part thereof.

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Caught with plagiarism

During a traffic check, officers from the operational supplementary services of the bamberg police were able to seize counterfeit brand-name watches and jewelry from four travelers on thursday afternoon. The bamberg criminal investigation department is now investigating the manner of the driver.
The patrol stopped the four people and their car around 12 o'clock in the area of kettenbrucke. In the course of the subsequent check, the police officers were able to detect various counterfeit brand-name watches and jewelry on the four occupants. In the end, the officers seized a total of more than 100 plagiarisms from the men, according to the police report. The offenders from greece had stated that they planned to sell the counterfeits in germany.

Criminal proceedings initiated

The police instituted criminal proceedings against each of the four for a violation of the trademark law. Since only one greek had a permanent residence in the federal territory, the other three persons had to deposit a security deposit. Further investigations were carried out by the economic crime unit of the bamberg criminal investigation department.

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Rodelseer terroir f: look down the tubes with a silvaner

Those who know the hermitage on the schwanberg above the rodelsee vineyards are also familiar with the fantastic, far-reaching view over rodelsee and frohstockheim into the wine country of franconia. This is common to all magical places of the frankenwein, different are the wine themes. In the case of rodelsee this is: the silvaner – identity of a region – genuinely french.

After the municipality had acquired the vineyard and the project had been agreed with the lower nature conservation authority, the work could begin after the appropriate decisions had been made in the municipal council. The stairs to the hermitage for example. Bench and lounger invite you to linger and let your eyes wander. A place that wine princess damaris heb and mayor burkard klein already like, even if they can’t yet "look down the tubes"

The rodelseer pipes is the core of the rodelseer terroir f. Next to the characteristic three flags, visible from afar, the steel frame for the pipes is already in place. The is actually a kind of telescope, or perhaps a refractometer, a term that would better fit the wine theme.

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Steinmeier rules out move to brandenburg

Steinmeier rules out move to brandenburg

"My place is in federal politics," he said in potsdam on saturday. He had previously told this to the "bild am sonntag" newspaper. "That will be until 22. September will be like that, and after that, too," he stressed, with an eye to the date of the federal elections. Steinmeier is running in electoral district 61 (havelland, potsdam-mittelmark, teltow-flaming, brandenburg/havel) as the top candidate of the state SPD.

After platzeck recently suffered a mild stroke, there had been speculation about a possible successor. Steinmeier’s name came up again and again. On the fringes of a visit to a market in brandenburg’s state capital, the latter spoke of an "invented succession discussion in which a few journalists obviously had the inclination to throw a stone into the water".

"I am glad that matthias platzeck is back on board, is feeling well and has resumed his work. So there is no question of a successor," steinmeier stressed. He wanted to meet with the head of government during the course of the day on saturday.

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Ex-ibm-chief palmisano resigns completely

His successor will be virginia rometty, who is already sitting in the chief chair. She is the undisputed new ruler of the big blue.

Palmisano retires at 1. October from the board of directors, IBM announced late tuesday at the company’s headquarters in armonk in the U.S. State of new york. However, he will remain with IBM as a consultant before leaving on 1 january. I am going to retire completely in december. He had already relinquished his position as head of the company at the turn of the year.

The 61-year-old took over as CEO in 2002 and has also been chairman of the board of directors since 2003. He is considered one of the most successful managers in the USA. Palmisano had transformed the computer manufacturer into a broad-based IT service provider, which even the economic crisis of 2009 did little to harm. Among his decisions paid to sell the PC division, rich in tradition, to the chinese lenovo.

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Audiowalk in the footsteps of horrific crimes

Students at erlanger friedrich-alexander-universitat (FAU) have designed an audiowalk on the nazi history of the erlanger heil- und pflegeanstalt (sanatorium). The article "patient murder behind sandstone walls – between demolition and memory" to commemorate the nazi medical crimes be since 22. November uber the free app izi.Travel usable, the university announced last week.

The audiowalk was developed in an interdisciplinary seminar of the chair for recent history and contemporary history and the chair for the history of medicine, it was said. It follows the traces of the nazi medical crimes through erlanger's old town and is intended to keep the memory of the victims alive. The 1846 as a "county lunatic asylum" the erlangen sanatorium, which was founded in the 1920s, was still considered a model institution for modern reform psychiatry, according to a university press release.

In the years 1939 to 1945, however, over 900 mentally ill and mentally and physically "handicapped" people were deported from there patients deported to death camps and murdered. After the transports were stopped in 1941, a hitherto unknown number of patients fell victim to the so-called starvation diet at the erlanger anstalt. 

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Hummendorf: the old bridge is gone

The construction of the new bridge in the untersteinach district is being undertaken by the weismain company dietz, whose senior boss alfred dietz officially kicked off the project on monday together with mayor volker schmiechen, walter amstatter from the municipality’s building department, and uwe schuster and tobias wulfert from the schnabel planning office (konradsreuth). "We are only doing this now so that you can already see something", said schmiechen against the background that the work was already started after the easter holidays.

Indeed: the dilapidated building, for whose replacement the cost estimates had exploded by about 300,000 euros in the past three years, has already been completely demolished. In addition, the dietz company has constructed a temporary access road with several passages so that the 15 or so residents of hummendorf can get to their properties without any problems and so that the mull removal works.

Mayor schmiechen reminded the audience that the 2015 building design had only budgeted 525,000 euros, for which a 60 percent subsidy was promised. He thanked the government of upper franconia for approving the early start of the construction and for the fact that the federal rate also applies to the increased construction costs. The total cost of the project has now reached 950,000 euros, of which about 800,000 euros are eligible for funding.

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Strabenbau sat zwietracht an der wiesent

Whether the young wiesent will allow construction workers to enter her valley again on monday? Both the bamberg road construction office and the district construction office seem optimistic: "the district of bamberg intends to carry out the widening of the BA 11 district road through treunitz (in the direction of konigsfeld)" he said confidently in a release from the county civil engineering office. And because the tree removal can only be carried out with full closure of the through traffic, the district road from treunitz to konigsfeld will also be closed from monday onwards. Bridge renewal expected to last until the end of october.

So that the new road does not have to be torn up again straight away, the treunitz/ wie- sent fels/loch association is currently laying a new water pipeline in parts of treunitz at the request of the road construction office. The costs of 300 to 400,000 euros will be passed on to a large extent to the subscribers, including those in the hollfeld districts of wiesentfels and loch. "The contributions are also necessary because the reserves of the association were largely used up in the construction of the water pipeline in wiesentfels and loch", konigsfeld mayor gisela hofmann (BBL) explains the situation. The first notices were sent out in april – possibly before the households there could be informed about the facts of the matter. This caused some commotion, as a result of which the chairman of the association, anton helldorfer from treunitz, resigned. However, the construction work continues unrestrictedly.

The planned tree removal by the district includes the demolition and new construction of the bridge over the wiesent as well as the expansion of the roadway of the district road BA 11 and the reconstruction of the intersection into the B 22 together with the state construction office bamberg. The detour for public traffic will be via the B 22 – steinfeld – hohenhausling – konigsfeld and vice versa.

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