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TRIAD is not an acronym…the three triangles
symbolize a collaboration of:
Law Enforcement/Fire Personnel, Older Adults, and Community.

Our local chapter is an all volunteer organization composed of wide variety of community members ranging from law enforcement to retired nurses.

Together we promote older adults safety by:

-Connecting with at risk older adults and referring them to local resources as needed.

-Partnering with local law enforcement and organizations to educate older adults (or anyone who will one day be an older adult) on being safe in the community. As well as building trust with local law enforcement to encourage early reporting of possible crimes. Older adults can be vulnerable to financial exploitation, identity theft, internet scams, phone scams and physical abuse. The goal is the reduce the likelihood of these crimes occurring.

-Collaborating with local businesses, organizations and law enforcement/fire personnel to collect donations, both financial and in-kind for our annual event, No Senior Without Christmas. Check out the No Senior Without Christmas page to learn more!