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The National Association of TRIADS (NATI) was founded in the 1980s at the onset of the community policing movement. Since its
inception, NATI has encouraged the formation and growth of local TRIADs across the U.S.

TRIAD is not an acronym…
Three triangles symbolize a collaboration of law enforcement and fire personnel, senior citizens,and providers. United, we strive to protect and empower senior citizens to feel safe and connected to our community.


TriCounty Triad


Tri-County TRIAD recognizes the dignity and worth of all senior citizens. We promote safety and confidence in a senior citizens’ life through:

Outreach – cultivating senior citizen’s personal relationships with community members and connecting them to valuable resources.

Education – partnering with local law enforcement and organizations to host workshops in order to reduce victimization by increasing awareness and empowerment.

Collaboration – developing working relationships with community programs and organizations to increase resource accessibility and enhance delivery of TRIAD services.

Programs – fulfilling needs through programs like No Senior Without Christmas and partnering with other
organizations to execute special projects as needs arise.