Tri-County TRIAD
Firmly Rooted in the Elder Community

Working together to make a difference in the lives of Senior Citizens in the tri-county region of Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties.

Mission Statement

Tri-County TRIAD is a partnership among Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Personnel, Senior Citizens (60+) and Community Members which promotes elder quality of life through advocacy, assistance, education and training.


Tri-County TRIAD (TRIAD) began serving Ingham County, MI in the mid 1980s, receiving its 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2008. TRIAD started with senior safety education as its primary function and has grown to include multiple objectives.

Emly became the very first president of the Tri-County TRIAD (TRIAD) in 1989. As a leader, she forged many friendships with seniors and partnered with a variety of local businesses in her community collaboration. Emly provided education to the senior population through her own experience as well as the program's outreach. Today, she continues volunteering with TRIAD and contributes to current programs, continuing education, local events and senior activities.

As always, we give Emly a special tribute for her loyalty, dedication, sincere spirit and endorsement of this tri-county program; which is making strides in our community.

Vision and Goals

Tri-County TRIAD recognizes the dignity and worth of all senior citizens while addressing the unique needs and concerns of our aging population in a creative, sensitive and effective manner. Tri-County TRIAD pledges to maintain the trust and confidence of our elders by:

  • Promoting senior safety through education and training
  • Enhancing the delivery of law enforcement services to senior citizens
  • Continuing collaborative efforts to meet the needs of our senior community
  • Reducing criminal victimization to elder individuals
  • Improving the overall quality of life for seniors

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