Each month TRIAD collaborates with local law enforcement, fire personnel, and/or community partners to host and educational event. These events are intended to raise awareness about a variety of older adult safety issues, such as, fraud, scams, identity theft, driving as you age, local crime trends, to name a few. Although the target audience is older adults living in our community, these events are open to the public and people of any age.


Coffee with a Purpose events are held in a variety of locations and allow attendees to connect with local law enforcement and/or fire personnel. These events are casual and typically cover local trends and have open question an answer period. Of course, there is coffee and a sweet treat.




Lunch with a Purpose is a quarterly event and includes 2-3 speakers on specific topics. Past speakers have included local Sheriff’s Office, local Police Department, Elder Law of Michigan, and the Attorney General’s Office. The educational component takes place over lunch, sponsored by Independence Village of Grand Ledge. These events are more formal and include a question and answer period.




The Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council, with funding from the National Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network and the Department of Justice, has developed the Michigan Older Adult Identity Theft Assistance Project. The project focuses on utilizing a statewide local community partner’s network to provide education and support to older adults in their community. TRIAD helps the project bring older adults together and shares information about recognition, prevention, and locally sourced resources to assist older adults with ID theft issues. The council provides the presenter, materials, legal resources, and other resources to identity theft victims and interested community groups.