Caught with plagiarism

During a traffic check, officers from the operational supplementary services of the bamberg police were able to seize counterfeit brand-name watches and jewelry from four travelers on thursday afternoon. The bamberg criminal investigation department is now investigating the manner of the driver.
The patrol stopped the four people and their car around 12 o'clock in the area of kettenbrucke. In the course of the subsequent check, the police officers were able to detect various counterfeit brand-name watches and jewelry on the four occupants. In the end, the officers seized a total of more than 100 plagiarisms from the men, according to the police report. The offenders from greece had stated that they planned to sell the counterfeits in germany.

Criminal proceedings initiated

The police instituted criminal proceedings against each of the four for a violation of the trademark law. Since only one greek had a permanent residence in the federal territory, the other three persons had to deposit a security deposit. Further investigations were carried out by the economic crime unit of the bamberg criminal investigation department.