20 Cents per hour more

20 cents per hour more

Corona also has an effect on parking garages: because the city center was in almost complete lockdown for months, fewer people drove into town – and the parking garages remained empty. The cash registers also: "actually, we already had to increase the fees last year", says christian meyer, who is not only the managing director of wohnbau stadt coburg, but also of its subsidiary, the urban development company. It operates the now four parking garages in the city – post office, mauer, zinkenwehr and albertsplatz.

From 1. On january, parking in the four aforementioned buildings will become more expensive: by 20 cents per entry and hour. In the future, anyone who parks for only half an hour will pay 70 cents instead of 50 cents. The whole hour increases in price from 1.20 to 1.40 euros; each additional hour also costs 1.40 euros. The current half-hourly billing is eliminated after the first hour. Up to now, it has been possible to pay per half hour or part thereof. The whole day in the parking garage costs then 12,50 euro (at present still 11 euro).

These new tariffs are valid on weekdays and saturdays. At night and on weekends, the rates will remain the same as before, assure meyer and management member anette vogel. Between 8 p.M. And 8 a.M. A parking ticket costs 50 cents per hour or part thereof; a night parking ticket costs a maximum of 3 euros. This applies from monday to friday; from 8 p.M. On saturday to 8 a.M. On monday, you continue to pay 3 euros for the entire weekend, or 50 cents for each hour or part thereof.

Separate fare for summer nights

Holidays and summer nights, however, will be a bit more expensive: on holidays, the charge will once again be calculated on a half-hourly basis (each half-hour or part thereof will cost 50 cents), but the maximum price per day will be 3 euros instead of the previous 2.50 euros. When the big summer events (sambafestival, HUK-coburg-open-airs) can take place again in july and august, summer night tariffs will apply in coburg: 50 cents for every half hour or part thereof, a maximum of 5 euros for the time between 8 p.M. In the evening and 8 a.M. In the morning, from monday to sunday inclusive.

Until now, anyone who used the post office parking garage in the afternoon to run short errands in the city could park there for one hour free of charge between 1 p.M. And 7 p.M. This will be omitted in the future. The corona phase showed that the post office parking garage was of little importance for inner-city trade, says christian meyer. The occupancy figures have remained constant during the lockdown – an indication that people don't go there for a stroll, but rather to the post office or pharmacy.

In the post office and zinkenwehr buildings, the number of permanent parking spaces was increased in the course of last year due to demand. In contrast, in the mauer and albertsplatz buildings near the city center, customers mainly wanted short-term parking spaces, says meyer. And they are the ones who matter – because they bring in the revenue. In all parking garages you can park your car at a reduced rate for residents: if you park your car in the parking garage during the day from monday to friday and until 2 pm on saturday, you can park your car in the parking garage at night and on weekends for 39 euro per month.