The market town of hirschaid invests a lot of money in its clearing system

The market town of hirschaid invests a lot of money in its clearing system

There is a certain investment backlog for the hirschaider clear facility, which needs to be reduced step by step. In addition, the costs for clear sludge disposal are continuously increasing every year. For hirschaid’s mayor klaus homann (CSU), the disposal of the clear sludge is a problem that can no longer be shouldered by any municipality alone. For this reason, the municipalities in the southern part of the district have already dealt intensively with the issue.

The hirschaid market is already investing in the purchase of a screw press. A wood-frame structure is planned for the press enclosure. The new press is scheduled to go into operation in april. This allows the hirschaider clarification plant to continuously dewater the clarified sludge to a dry solids content of 20 to 25 percent. Currently, thermal utilization of dewatered clear sludge in the cement and power plant industries is taking place.

450000 euros

At the ground-breaking ceremony for the new plant, the technology was presented in the presence of mayor homann, market councillors, representatives from neighboring municipalities and the companies involved, as well as wolfgang schmitt and his team from the hirschaider clearing plant. Costs of around 450,000 euros were calculated for the entire removal process.

So far, the sludge has been temporarily stored and statically thickened in two sealed sludge ponds with a total useable volume of 6400 cubic meters. The sludge from the polders was regularly removed by service providers and thermally recycled. Due to the accumulation of leachate, the plant was repeatedly overloaded.

In the future, it is planned to dry the dewatered clear sludge before using it further. This is to take place centrally in strullendorf next to the clearing plant there. A local wood-processing company can supply the necessary warmth for this purpose. Two million euros in funding has already been approved. A concept for the project is currently being developed by the regional works. The institute for energy informatics at the TH amberg-weiden is preparing a full cost calculation. In addition to the municipalities of altendorf/buttenheim, hirschaid and strullendorf, memmelsdorf, frensdorf and gundelsheim have now also expressed interest in the project. Robert martin, one of the managing directors of regionalwerke bamberg, sees the project as an important contribution to environmental and water protection. The goal must be to completely stop the spreading of clear sludge on agricultural land.