Rodelseer terroir f: look down the tubes with a silvaner

Those who know the hermitage on the schwanberg above the rodelsee vineyards are also familiar with the fantastic, far-reaching view over rodelsee and frohstockheim into the wine country of franconia. This is common to all magical places of the frankenwein, different are the wine themes. In the case of rodelsee this is: the silvaner – identity of a region – genuinely french.

After the municipality had acquired the vineyard and the project had been agreed with the lower nature conservation authority, the work could begin after the appropriate decisions had been made in the municipal council. The stairs to the hermitage for example. Bench and lounger invite you to linger and let your eyes wander. A place that wine princess damaris heb and mayor burkard klein already like, even if they can’t yet "look down the tubes"

The rodelseer pipes is the core of the rodelseer terroir f. Next to the characteristic three flags, visible from afar, the steel frame for the pipes is already in place. The is actually a kind of telescope, or perhaps a refractometer, a term that would better fit the wine theme.

Conveniently accessible tubes in over 500 components

The architectural work is manufactured by the ackermann company in wiesenbronn, which always comes into play when things need to get round. Company boss frank ackermann and his employee ines loffler visited the company and had mayor burkhard klein, winegrowers’ association chairman christian ehrlich and idea giver peter hess explain the production technology and show them the individual components. In the company the working title for the project is "rodelseer rohre". After the opening, visitors to terroir f will quickly realize that it will be more than just a pipe.

On the 3D screen, the structure looks small, but in reality the pipes are easy to walk through. 533 components are there, reveals ines loffler. Without the many screws and brackets that connect the individual parts. "A stable construction," says, ines loffler is certain. Because everything is well thought out, there are also sliding joints because of the expansion, she explains. If moss should grow, the pipes can be easily cleaned, even sanding is possible with the mineral material. It will take about two weeks to assemble the segmental pipes. Female on the outside, golden on the inside – that’s the color scheme of the 6.5-tonne building.

Object is not available for private parties

"I’m glad we were able to do something like this close by.", betrayal frank ackermann. Otherwise, projects far away from wiesenbronn are on his project list – from the hamburg elbphilharmonie to the goethe institute in dublin to projects in dubai.

A screen and plenty of storage space are integrated into the walk-in tubes. Wineries or restaurateurs can store their material there when they have events at the terroir f. They should have a certain value, for private celebrations the object is not available namely. "It’s supposed to be a place of enjoyment, wishes mayor klein, who in the future may also hold weddings at the terroir f. The first one should be at the beginning of august.

The site also has electricity. The forest toilet will be installed in the next few weeks by the building yard next to the adjacent concrete path. The production of the seat cubes and the bench, the design of the sponsor boards for the steps and the design of the information boards are running in parallel.