Hummendorf: the old bridge is gone

The construction of the new bridge in the untersteinach district is being undertaken by the weismain company dietz, whose senior boss alfred dietz officially kicked off the project on monday together with mayor volker schmiechen, walter amstatter from the municipality’s building department, and uwe schuster and tobias wulfert from the schnabel planning office (konradsreuth). "We are only doing this now so that you can already see something", said schmiechen against the background that the work was already started after the easter holidays.

Indeed: the dilapidated building, for whose replacement the cost estimates had exploded by about 300,000 euros in the past three years, has already been completely demolished. In addition, the dietz company has constructed a temporary access road with several passages so that the 15 or so residents of hummendorf can get to their properties without any problems and so that the mull removal works.

Mayor schmiechen reminded the audience that the 2015 building design had only budgeted 525,000 euros, for which a 60 percent subsidy was promised. He thanked the government of upper franconia for approving the early start of the construction and for the fact that the federal rate also applies to the increased construction costs. The total cost of the project has now reached 950,000 euros, of which about 800,000 euros are eligible for funding.

This amount also includes the renewal of the roadway up to the old B 289. As uwe schuster from the schnabel planning office explained, the 220-meter-long stretch will be widened to a width of 3.50 meters, and the new bridge will be four meters wide – as it is now. The flow opening for the lower steinach is 15 meters, the entire structure including the abutments is 22 meters long.

Mayor schmiechen explained that the construction date was also agreed with the district fishing association in relation to the spawning season. After completion of the sampling, the community will revive the water with seedlings of three or four different fish species.

With the installation of a sheet pile wall for the renewal of the abutments, carried out by dredger driver ulrich fischer, the mayor, construction company and planners gave the official go-ahead for the construction work on monday. Spatesten to the 18. October the project should be finished. Then the new bridge, which is necessary not least for the transport of wood, will again meet the demands of agriculture and forestry.