Strabenbau sat zwietracht an der wiesent

Whether the young wiesent will allow construction workers to enter her valley again on monday? Both the bamberg road construction office and the district construction office seem optimistic: "the district of bamberg intends to carry out the widening of the BA 11 district road through treunitz (in the direction of konigsfeld)" he said confidently in a release from the county civil engineering office. And because the tree removal can only be carried out with full closure of the through traffic, the district road from treunitz to konigsfeld will also be closed from monday onwards. Bridge renewal expected to last until the end of october.

So that the new road does not have to be torn up again straight away, the treunitz/ wie- sent fels/loch association is currently laying a new water pipeline in parts of treunitz at the request of the road construction office. The costs of 300 to 400,000 euros will be passed on to a large extent to the subscribers, including those in the hollfeld districts of wiesentfels and loch. "The contributions are also necessary because the reserves of the association were largely used up in the construction of the water pipeline in wiesentfels and loch", konigsfeld mayor gisela hofmann (BBL) explains the situation. The first notices were sent out in april – possibly before the households there could be informed about the facts of the matter. This caused some commotion, as a result of which the chairman of the association, anton helldorfer from treunitz, resigned. However, the construction work continues unrestrictedly.

The planned tree removal by the district includes the demolition and new construction of the bridge over the wiesent as well as the expansion of the roadway of the district road BA 11 and the reconstruction of the intersection into the B 22 together with the state construction office bamberg. The detour for public traffic will be via the B 22 – steinfeld – hohenhausling – konigsfeld and vice versa.

According to senior construction official michael raab, the bamberg state construction office is renewing the roadway in the treunitz through-road, improving the existing road drainage system and constructing a sidewalk along the northern side of the roadway on behalf of the municipality of konigsfeld. In addition, the bamberg state construction office is rebuilding the intersection with the BA 11 district road in cooperation with the bamberg district authority. In particular, the demolition of a barn will improve visibility and widen the intersection. The bundesstrabe itself does not have to be closed off. Traffic on the B 22 can be routed through the construction site for almost the entire construction period. If necessary, traffic will be controlled by a traffic light system and will pass the construction site on a single lane. Only for the installation of the asphalt layers – probably one week in september – will the bundesstrabe be fully closed and traffic diverted.

Sidewalks necessary
The renewal of the roadway of the B 22 had become necessary, according to the road construction office, because the asphalt superstructure, which was only eight to ten centimeters thick, had numerous cracks in the network and uneven surfaces. The entire pavement has broken through in places. The road drainage system is also defective overall. Sidewalks are not available in the village thoroughfare. The existing intersection with the BA 11 county road is very unclear and too narrow.

The construction costs for the renewal of the roadway of the B 22, the new sidewalk and the redesign of the intersection with the district road BA 11 are estimated by the tram construction office at around 900,000 euros. The municipality of konigsfeld contributes about 100 to 150,000 euros to the total cost, and the district of bamberg about 200,000 euros.