536 Witnesses – carved at the memorial in stone

536 witnesses - carved at the memorial in stone

The day of national mourning commemorates the war dead and victims of tyranny of all nations. But it is also a day of admonition for peace and understanding among the people. In lichtenfels – as in many other towns, communities and villages in the district – the central memorial service traditionally takes place on the eve of national mourning day at the memorial next to the cemetery.
On saturday evening, delegations of clubs and associations as well as representatives from politics, the clergy and numerous citizens gathered in front of the memorial at nightfall. Here are in a long row the names of the lichtenfelser in stone, which died in the two world wars as soldiers. 536 silent witnesses of the past, reminding of the suffering and horror that is difficult to put into words. In lichtenfels, the memorial service traditionally begins with the parade of the honor guard. With a drum roll, the flag bearers march past the torches of the fire departments and place themselves to the left and right of the memorial.
In her speech, mayor bianca fischer recalled the suffering and fate of the people who were victims of the bombing terror and the effects of hatred and blindness. Those who believe that the memory of the dead is none of their business have not understood the meaning of remembrance day, she points out. It commemorates the victims of the reich pogrom night and points out the suffering of the parents whose sons were killed simply because they did not want to join the SS. It also reminds us of the soldiers who shoveled out the trenches in the freezing cold during the day, only to watch them freeze over again at night. Her words also apply to those polish prisoners of war who remembered the terrible images of the war and came to the realization that there are no victors.
"The memory of our dead should give us strength to be a reliable partner for the preservation of peace", writes the mayor. It is their last speech of national mourning in an official function.
This year the song contribution of the choir community liturgical choir/sangergilde under the direction of jitka maisel consists of scholefield’s evening song "you let the day, o god, now end". It is about people’s hope in god, who also brings salvation "where human power reigns". The lichtenfels brass band had the "andante religioso" this year by mendelssohn bartholdy and samuel scheidt’s "courant dolorosa chosen as musical contribution. As representatives of the clergy, pastor ralph-peter zettler and pastor roland neher say a prayer. After the song "ich hatt’ einen kameraden" by mendelssohn bartholdt the laying of the wreath takes place to the sound of drums. In addition to the wreath of the city, the representatives of the vdk local association of lichtenfels and the association of war graves care also lay a wreath.