The first new turntable ladder

The ludwigsstadt fire department celebrated the inauguration of its new turntable ladder. Rebekka pohlmann and pastoral officer josef grunbeck gave the church’s blessing. For the first time in the history of the ludwigsstadt fire department, which will be 150 years old in 2023, a new turntable ladder could be purchased. The previous turntable ladders were always second-hand vehicles .

"A turntable ladder is the most variable vehicle in the fire department . It is used to extinguish fires in roof trusses or to rescue people from windows, roofs or shafts. It is used to lift weights of up to four tons – for example, a car that has been involved in an accident out of an emergency situation. You can even use it as a bridge," explained the commander of the ludwigsstadt fire department, jorg sollner, at the firefighters’ day in front of the guardhouse. New features of the new turntable ladder compared to the used ladder models include the bending, shaft and jerking and crane function as well as skybeam.

The first turntable ladder procured as a new vehicle, a DLA(K) 23/12 from the manufacturer magirus, was taken into service on 27th september. September in ulm. It replaces a DLK 23-12 from 1993, which was put into service in ludwigsstadt in 2013. The turntable ladder is not only used in the local area, but also in the district of kronach and in the surrounding communities of probstzella and lehesten.

"With our HLF (hilfeleistungsloschgruppenfahrzeug) as first-response vehicle, the LF (loschgruppenfahrzeug) for water rescue and the new technology of the revolving ladder, we have succeeded in creating a good vehicle concept in ludwigsstadt, supported by the multipurpose vehicle as first reconnaissance and the (MTW) team transport vehicle including the drone," clarified the commander, who also presented the MTW to the public. This vehicle had been procured in particular to transport necessary equipment and the task forces.

The turntable ladder vehicle cost 630,000 euros. "But if you can save just one human life, the purchase was worth it," emphasized mayor timo ehrhardt at the dedication ceremony. Hs