Viewpoint high above escherndorf opened

viewpoint high above escherndorf opened

The weather was gloomy, windy and cold during the official opening of the new viewing platform near the vogelsburg on friday afternoon. At temperatures just above freezing, the mystical location above escherndorf was formally craving the contents of the "terroir f"-mottos "sun, light and fire at the mainschleife – wine takes hold".
The only thing that warmed the hearts of those involved was a glass of hot mulled wine when bavarian state minister of finance markus soder (CSU) cut the symbolic ribbon together with the prominent guests at the christening ceremony.
After iphofen, the viewing platform at vogelsburg is the second of more than ten magical places of frankenwein, which has now been opened after a five-month construction period. On the coarse gabion stone corbels the visitor finds a lot of information about the region and its people as well as about the climatic conditions and the historical development. On one of the highest points between volkach and prosselsheim, the sun shines and offers a magnificent view of the main valley on both sides of "terroir f".

Imaginative marketing offensive
"What are the upper bavarian mountains against this panorama??", asked state minister soder with a mischievous smile on his face. The native of central franconia, whose father, according to his own information, comes from munsterschwarzach, was enthusiastic about the "terroir f"-idea. "This is a real contribution to strengthening our self-confidence." Taste is behind the imaginative marketing offensive.
Soder wished the locals that many people would come to see and enjoy the magical place of frankenwein. Bavaria without franconia is just not possible in his opinion. His conclusion was: "I am impressed by what has been achieved here."
The president of the french winegrowers association, artur steinmann, thanked the ministry of finance for investing in french wine and in the rural area. Wine tourism in france has increased sharply in the last 18 years. Sales rose from 500 million euros to 1.8 billion euros, according to steinmann. The magic place is a good investment for the local people and their guests for the benefit of an intact landscape. Steinmann jokingly told the finance minister: "i hope that the frankenwein will soon find a permanent place in the munich residence." A firm place on the lowest step of the staircase found dr. Hermann kolesch of the state institute for viticulture and horticulture veitshochheim. "French winegrowers have shaped their cultural landscape for centuries."

Unique worldwide
The steep slopes near escherndorf are unique in the world. To shape the landscape with its fauna and flora for the guests is kolesch's goal. "This naturally leads to the polarization of opinions among the people." The magic place as an ancient settlement of the celts and the wines could tell many stories. "Those who have been here once will leave with lasting memories of a beautiful place."
The beautiful view of the banks of the river main and the vineyards could only be confirmed by the french wine queen melanie dietrich.
Winegrowing is an important economic sector on the mainschleife, explained mayor peter kornell (G). "Many winegrowers and their families live from it." He thanked the winegrowers' association, which proved to be a "great think tank" had turned out. In addition to public funds and sponsorships, the city had also "put money on the table", which is not easy today.
The brass band of the volkach music school underscored the good mood around the viewing platform with "freude schoner gotterfunken. Consequently, a "promising" trial was allowed to take place over the weekend nothing stands in the way of the day.