Why ruckel did not become the burgerblock’s mayoral candidate

Why ruckel did not become the burgerblock's mayoral candidate

Michael ruckel is "in favor of complete transparency and openness"; he is interested in honest dealings within his own ranks and with his political opponents. That’s what he says, and that’s why he recently took radical action: the parliamentary group leader of the wiesentheider burgerblock is not running for mayor on behalf of his grouping. He has been working on this plan for two years; the executive board and the parliamentary group were behind him. What had happened?

Ruckel’s burgerblock is the driving force in wiesentheid, fighting uncompromisingly against the siting of an industrial lettuce production facility on municipal land. This is not the only issue on which ruckel repeatedly clashes with the CSU’s burgermeister werner knaier. The leader of the burgerblock in the city council sees himself in the role of the opposition leader who denounces aberrations and brings them up in the council. Ruckel sometimes believes himself to be "undemocratic" thwarted.

At an october meeting, burgerblock asks why a toilet facility should cost 180,000 euros more than planned, and is "forbidden to speak" in the council, as ruckel says. When the same thing happens again with the lettuce issue in november, he and the members of the burgerblock leave the council meeting in protest. The eclat is perfect, however, two burgerblock-rate remain seated.

Ruckel talks about the "absolute low point

For ruckel, this is unacceptable behavior on the part of his colleagues: he sees his credibility damaged, the mayor’s political style strengthened and his own group made to look like losers. "I found this to be an absolute low point", explains ruckel looking back. For this "incoherence within the burgerblock" there has been a lot of criticism from auben as a result, and rightly so, sums up ruckel. Since then, however, no one has criticized his decision to leave the meeting.

Ruckel draws the consequences

Ruckel’s consequence: two days after the eclat, he informs the board of the burgerblock that he will not run as their mayoral candidate. "A clear line and credibility" as well as a decisive "enlightenment of the citizens" are more important to him than the haggling over posts. Therefore he did not let himself be changed by the executive committee and the fraction, and consequently the first nomination meeting of the burgerblock on 10. November canceled at short notice.

Meanwhile, burgerblock has presented a new candidate. Klaus kohler is ready to run for mayor on behalf of the burger block. Ruckel did not attend the nomination meeting, but is on position 5 of the municipal council list. He wants to think about his political future in the coming days.