The double melanie steps out of the shadows

The double melanie steps out of the shadows

The same first and last name, but two different people: this is not so unusual with a not exactly rare first name like melanie, paired with the surname meyer. The fact that the two play handball on the same team at TV etwashausen can lead to irritation, however. Confusions exist, but they are rare.

Whether it stort? "No, it’s absolutely no problem," says the double-ganger, who is almost three and a half years younger than her. "I’ve gotten used to being called little melanie meyer. We have known each other since childhood. But because of the age difference, we never played on the same team."A distinction in "little melanie meyer" seems logical also in view of the body coarseness. The younger one, who is not even distantly related to her coarser teammate, measures eleven centimeters less.

It was really complicated when a third "melanie meyer" joined the women’s handball team in sthashau. "That was two or three years ago. But she no longer plays."Since then it’s been a little easier, at least as far as names are concerned, says melanie meyers, the younger one of the handballers left over from sthashausen. She has been nineteen for just over a week and has just finished her first semester in psychology at the university. She decided on the spur of the moment after graduating from high school, partly because she wanted to study something to do with people. "I might add the pedagogy track to the list."

How much psychology there is in handball and in sports in general? "A whole lot – that’s interesting," she noted. When melanie meyer and her team went to lauenburg to prepare for this round, a sports psychologist gave a lecture on the subject of motivation. That impressed her very much. Melanie meyer impressed her handball coaches at an early age. Barely outgrown kindergarten age, she started at TV etwashausen and stood out there because of her talent. Her way led over various sightings up to the bavarian selection. Only at the next level, when the talent show was continued on the german level, did she fall through the cracks.

At the TVE one expected melanie meyer already with open arms in the first woman’s team. After she turned 16, the coach at the time, steffi placht, brought her from the B-youth directly into the bayernliga squad. But the first year was anything but favorable for her. An injury forced her to watch for a long time. It took weeks and months for melanie meyer to fight her way up the ladder. In this season it almost belongs to the regular seven.

Coach ingo preun puts a lot of trust in her, he praises not only the team player’s clever defensive behavior. From the ruckroom, where she played in her youth, melanie langst has moved to the aubenposition. "It’s better that way, in the back room i had a lot of rough opponents, which was difficult for me."In the attack it comes ever better to the validity – only recently it contributed with five goals a weighty part to the surprising success with the table second TSV ismaning.

Haspo bayreuth is to be beaten in the home game this saturday so that the fifth place targeted by the TVE women remains within reach. This was a further improvement on the previous season. Early on, it had become clear that the stashauser women would have nothing to do with relegation. Whether it goes in the future even higher with the TVE? That would be a dream, but it is probably not to be fulfilled, says the nineteen-year-old. "You have seen how difficult bergtheim is in the regional league, the leap is enormous."

Moreover, it makes so spab, although the player squad is quite small. Yes, there could be some more, says melanie meyer. However, the outlook is not too rosy as far as our own young talent is concerned. At least anja muther took over the role of nesthakchen in melanie meyer’s team.