World war bomb in munich damages 17 buildings

World war bomb in munich damages 17 buildings

According to initial assessments, there is no acute danger of collapse. The buildings in the immediate vicinity of the site had to be investigated in more detail. The facade of a building does not look good at first glance. It had been dented by the force of the explosion of the 250-kilo bomb.

The blindganger discovered on monday during construction work on the former site of the cult pub "schwabinger 7" had been detonated in a controlled manner after a complicated disarming attempt had failed. The detonation could be heard for miles around the city of 1.4 million people. At times, more than 2,500 people had to leave their homes and seek shelter in emergency shelters. No one was injured when the bomb was detonated.

The immediate perimeter around the site of the explosion remained closed for the time being. Residents of some of the more distant buildings may also have to wait days before they can move back into their homes due to shattered windows and other damage. Outside the directly affected area, which is still closed, cleanup work began after "days in a state of emergency," as munich’s mayor christian ude (SPD) said.

According to police, fragments of the bomb were found 300 meters from the explosion site. The glowing and razor-sharp splinters may also have set fire to a building in the neighborhood. The store burned out after the planned demolition on spate tuesday evening. Other fires, which at first appeared to be spectacular, were simply burning bales of straw that flew onto the roofs of houses.

According to the authorities, it was initially difficult to foresee exactly how much damage had been done. It is unclear who will bear the costs. According to a spokesman for the district administration department, there are no claims for official liability against the city. Town hall chief ude said that damage resulting from war was legally considered a case of greater violence, for which there were special legal provisions. The normal insurances were therefore auben before.

Experts from the city and the ministry of the interior are now examining whether and how the victims could be compensated. The city wants to clarify the legal situation as quickly as possible in order to be able to help residents, homeowners and business people quickly.

According to the ministry of the interior, 600 police, fire department, voluntary aid organizations and technical aid organizations were deployed. The police reported some people who had tried to enter the restricted zone in the evening.

Mayor ude had already emphasized in the morning that there was no alternative to demolition in the middle of munich. Andreas heil, coordinator of the explosive ordnance disposal team, once again emphasized the danger: transporting the bomb and detonating it outside the city would have been far too risky.