The queen wears only fake fur now

The queen wears only fake fur now

The queen takes off the fur – at least that of real animals. Queen elizabeth II. Wears only faux fur since this year, as her tailor angela kelly reveals in her new book.

"If her majesty has to attend an event in particularly cold weather, fake fur has been used since 2019 to make sure she’s warm," the queen confidante writes in "the other side of the coin: the queen, the dresser and the wardrobe".

Animal rights activists bury the royal wardrobe change. It was unclear, however, whether this would also affect the royal ermine coat that the queen traditionally wears on the occasion of the opening of parliament.

Great britain should follow the queen’s example and ban the fur trade completely, demanded claire bass of the organization humane society international. The british royal family has repeatedly been criticized for wearing real furs by members of the royal family, especially the queen.

Head dressmaker kelly also revealed other details from the inner workings of buckingham palace. The queen puts on her own makeup, gets fashion tips from her husband, prince philip, and attends church every sunday, regardless of her schedule or where she is in the country. According to media reports, the queen has given her blessing to the book. Buckingham palace did not initially respond to requests for comment.