Spd wants a cost-benefit analysis

Spd wants a cost-benefit analysis

The offer of bus routes must continue to be determined by the district, made clear by district chairman ralf pohl. According to current calculations, opnv users will save around 77,000 euros in fare costs thanks to the VGN, explained district council faction chairman richard rauh. However, this had to be compensated by the district, so that there would be an additional financial burden on the district budget.

Joining the VGN offers opportunities and risks, the discussion showed. Thilo moosmann referred to the excellent marketing of the VGN, for example for hikers, so that one could hope for more day tourists from the nurnberg area. Ralf volkl emphasized that using the opnv would be much easier because you would only have to buy one ticket. Ralf pohl pointed out, however, that one could no longer use the bahn-card within the VGN-area.

With a detailed cost-benefit analysis for various users, the SPD first wants to examine the effects in detail before making a decision. Furthermore, joining the VGN should be accompanied by an improvement in the opnv service in the district, it was demanded.

Supporting a petition for a referendum

The district SPD will actively and emphatically support the petition for the abolition of tuition fees in bavaria. This was decided unanimously by the district executive committee.

The SPD has always been clearly opposed to tuition fees, which are unsocial and counterproductive for bavaria as a location for education and business, emphasized the deputy state chairwoman of juso, steffi groger. For many months, the SPD has been collecting signatures for a mass petition to the bavarian state parliament.

The delegates from kronach had a very positive impression of the state party conference of the bavarian SPD, at which the mayor of munich, christian ude, was nominated with a large majority as the top candidate for the state elections, as ralf pohl explained.