Training like the brose basketball pros

The people responsible for the "kiga baskets" project had invited the seven participating children’s day care centers invited. Due to scheduling conflicts, only the kindergarten from naisa and the two strullendorf facilities were able to be on site.

Project manager markus lempetzeder and his team have set up five stations, exactly where the stars of the brose baskets usually train. For jannik, leo and samira, however, this was more of a secondary matter. Much more important to the little "up-and-coming basketball players" seemed to be the fact that they were able to train once again that morning and prove what they have already learned.

Playfully, the individual stations, among other things, the physical fitness was challenged, with the "ruben ziehen" the community spirit and their own strength were strengthened, but they also learned how to shoot baskets and play the game.

Despite the training zeal of the little ones, there was still time for a chat with the coaches. If the basket shot didn’t work out at all, the trainer lifted his protege up and gave him a sense of achievement.

Once a week, the brose baskets youth coaches come to the daycare centers as part of the "kiga baskets" project to the day care centers. They work there for around 45 minutes to introduce their proteges to ball and basketball respectively. It’s a "ball-covering training, but with basketball elements and the first building block in the youth concept of the brose basktets", this is how markus lempetzeder, full-time youth trainer.

For him it is always a great experience how quickly "a dynamic develops in the groups" and with how much diligence and eagerness the children are involved. In this context, he thanked the sparkasse bamberg for its commitment "without which such a project would not have been possible".

Claudia gerstberger, educator at the strullendorf kindergarten st. Laurentius, is very happy about the possibility that the children can get to know the sport of basketball within the framework of the project.

In addition to the fun of movement and sport, it is particularly important for them that "the self-confidence and self-assurance of the kindergarten children is strengthened". At the same time, the game teaches us the importance of fairness and discipline and "how necessary each individual is for the team".

Freaky, the mascot of the brose baskets, could not be missing on such an occasion. Buried by the children with rough applause, he played another round of "fire, water, lightning" himself with.

Whether a new anton gavel or a new maik zirbes was present at the training, perhaps the future will tell. It was obvious that the children had a lot of fun.