91-Year-old from herzogenaurach has climbed many of the world’s mountains

91-year-old from herzogenaurach has climbed many of the world's mountains

From china to nepal, from tibet to tierra del fuego, to alaska, as well as to patagonia, chile, ecuador, mexico, canada, iceland and, finally, to greenland, his love for mountaineering has led him. After extreme tours all over the world, hans gaschbauer has finally "settled down". Nevertheless, the 91-year-old is still active: he is currently preparing his 201. Lecture for the rehabilitation clinic in herzogenaurach with the title "dreamland canada. "Let’s hope that corona will allow this lecture soon", gaschbauer is skeptical.

He likes to tell the story of how he started mountaineering: "on the 10. July 1967 karl helepard called me and invited me, on the recommendation of richard langenberger, to participate in the elbrus ascent in the caucasus." For this, of course, good physical condition and endurance were a prerequisite. "And I had them."

The first mountain took hans gaschbauer to the caucasus

The 5.They reached the 641 meter high east summit with the mountain guide on 24. August 1967. "This was my first 5000m summit", he beams. A later highlight for him was the first ascent of the 6.310 meter high anematischin, the holy mountain of the nomads in western tibet, together with sigi hupfauer. "This is where my great wish came true, to be part of a first ascent and to reach the summit", he says proudly.

The summits alone, however, were never his goal. "For me the way was the goal. Meeting people and children on the road, that was important to me." And his wife, who died three years ago, accepted this way of life of her husband without complaint. "I was often away for six weeks, and afterwards I told her everything in detail, he smiles. "I still went on vacation with her", he adds.

The boss supports his travels

At that time gaschbauer was employed in the puma fleet. His boss at the time, armin dassler, always accepted his actions and supported him financially. But gaschbauer has taken over the driving services on weekends.

He is particularly proud that he was able to persuade hans ort, the mayor of the town at the time, to join the 3.798 meters high grobglockner, the highest mountain in austria.

You had to be sure-footed and free from giddiness to climb the 3.899 meters high. He climbed the 4055-meter-high piz bernina via the bianco grad, the "ladder to heaven for mountaineers.

He did not climb mount everest, but instead he was in the mount everest area three times and saw the summit crowned only by a canopy of clouds. This was his greatest success, because many mountaineers can’t see anything because the summit is covered by thick clouds for days on end.

Now his paths are no longer so long and the mountains no longer so high. At the age of 70, he has already spent the last 6.000s climbed. At whitsun, gaschbauer was on the high trail in kleinwalsertal and realized that he had to take a shortcut. "But even today – on 6. February 2021 i will be 92 years old – i am still in motion."

Still on the move at 92

He goes shopping with his senior citizen’s mobile – he has not been allowed to drive a car since he was 90 years old – because he still provides for himself. In the forest he likes to hike up to the chapel of obermembach. He also still pursues his hobby of ice stick pushing, where he is eager to participate every tuesday and thursday.

The 91-year-old has two daughters: one lives in herzogenaurach and the second in nurnberg. "But I will not be mothered! I cook and clean myself", he emphasizes. "I’ve always drunk very little alcohol and I haven’t smoked all my life", he adds. Gaschbauer also pays attention to healthy nutrition and eats a lot of fruit and vegetables. "I’m still doing well and I couldn’t complain he explains.

He still keeps in touch with his mountain comrades, but without a computer this is only possible to a limited extent. "I go as long as I can. I often visit my wife at the cemetery and bring her flowers."

Participation in earthquake relief

He is very proud of his small alpine garden with alpine roses and noblewoman. He cares for it intensively. "I brought the noblewoman with me", he says.

He is just as proud of his participation in the earthquake relief for nepal in 2006. "I donated the entire income from my lectures back then. It came to a handsome sum of 30,000 euros", he is still happy today – just as he is about the past years on the summits: "thank god that I can look back on my mountain experiences!"