The burgkunstadt “fraa” set a sound monument

The burgkunstadt 'fraa' set a sound monument

What was that? A concert of sound feathers? A small rebellion against the currently stagnant culture business? Or a thank you to a fading summer? The happening in the shoe factory was pretty much all together. Report of a saturday evening, of musicians in a good mood and of a place that has kept itself.

First performance since december

Shoe factory. That sounds like leather and glue and kittelschurze. Gone, past, but the name has remained. Who now after this weekend open-air and burgkunstadt in a sentence tries to accommodate, will not be able to pass by this renovated statte opposite the fire station house. 120 visitors came there, took their seats under the open sky, in front of them the stage, in between them corona-takedowns and with them joy of expectation and hunger to experience a preprogram and a main attraction. With a good decibel, with melody, with guitar sounds rising through fog into the night sky.

Garden lights shone, the late afternoon turned into dark night and klangfeder delivered a proper concert. There is this one moment of twitching. Then, when marco hofmann played a gibson "les paul" on his guitar the name "fraa" has remained. The guitar, which is modeled on the "fraa", rises almost without a break into the high register and begins to phrase a song by its bandleader langer. It was the first performance the band had given together since december, and yes, that also explains moments of irritation, namely the two or three times audible sonic miscues on harmonies in the close between the interplay of keys and strings. But they caught themselves quickly, functioned as a band and smoothed together.

But above all they delivered songs that are already something like local classics and where you could tell that the audience wanted and needed to connect to them. There was, for example, the "wave dance there was also the one from langer’s "jules verne’s adventures" project the good-humored number "ella konfetti had been. When it came to announcing them, one could formally see the desire to break out on the part of the standardanger of this piece, andi herold. He whipped up the audience, he incited them to sing along and he succeeded. This song was a high point of the evening, but something else was happening.

Because when drummer herold sings on stage and ella swears, his drum part has to be replaced. This is done by one of the two daniels who are responsible for sound and light. And so daniel petterich sat down at the natural drums and drummed furiously, delivering his best performance to date in this respect.

The "fraa" was flat

But what was to come was a musical bow, dedicated to a person in the audience. An unsuspecting. Udo langer composed and wrote the song times ago and may the beatles also have their lovely rita, burgkunstadt now also has a rita. Rita deuerling, landlady of the "zur fraa" inn was recorded as a local original, put into notes, sung, rhymed and may now know that "without her some intoxication is not fulfilled" went and her shashlik and currywurst skills made her langer’s dream woman. With all this the senior did not expect, was heartily flat and received applause from all sides. "The band gets free beer, this is her response to the event.

It was moments like this that made the boundaries pleasantly blurry. It was a concert? It was a lovable rebellion against the current concert lull, taking into account all the necessary coronam decreases? Or was it the thing with the summer? It was probably all and it will remain long in memory.