There are still too many unreasonable people

A total of 61 operations in connection with the exit restrictions for the containment of the coronavirus were reported by the police on wednesday. As before, the control of this joint had the highest priority, says a press release from the prasidium.

In the wurzburg area, for example, a number of people were reported to have been in public places for no good reason, either to meet friends or to pursue their hobbies. In individual cases, alcohol or drugs were also consumed collectively. Some of the affected people sat close to each other without regard for the recommended minimum distances.

In gerbrunn, officers from the wurzburg-land police department had to break up a barbecue party in the evening. Since the guests came from different households, appropriate investigation procedures were initiated against them.

The same thing happened to a group of seven people who were sitting around a campfire in a wooded area near ochsenfurt and drinking alcoholic beverages.

In schweinfurt, prostitutes have to answer for violations of the law on the protection against infectious diseases, as they continued to offer their services contrary to the general prohibition. A group of six people are now facing charges for having drinks and food at close quarters in a hotel lobby. Other people were charged with meeting acquaintances from other households in a public place.

Beer drinkers on the parking lot

In wildflecken, several people met in a supermarket parking lot to drink beer together. They also have to answer accordingly.

A gangster in bad neustadt even had to be temporarily taken into custody because he did not obey a court order and instead started an argument with a cyclist.

Two mannerists were checked at aschaffenburg main station. One of them behaved very aggressively and threatened the officers. Because he was carrying a butterfly knife, he is now under investigation.

Walkers in the park schontal showed disobedience during a control and even called it "ridiculous. They, too, had not been allowed to stay there together and received a complaint. While driving past a pizzeria, a patrol officer noticed that a guest was sabbing at the counter and drinking a glass of beer. Both he and the host operator now have to answer accordingly.

Group at the swimming lake

A group of five had come together at niedernberg’s bathing lake to enjoy themselves. One initially fled from the officers. He also has to expect consequences, because he could be found a short time later. Another had a small amount of hashish on him. He is also under investigation for possession of narcotics.