The bar is tapping

The "broadway dance company" and the "dublin dance factory present on thursday, 8. Marz, a "night of the dance in the dr.-stammberger-hall. Visitors can expect a perfect irish dance spectacle full of passion and pure energy. The event starts at 8 pm.
If you want to get an overview of what is currently hot in the world of dance, the "night of the dance" is the place to be just right. There you can be intoxicated by snappy soles, groovy music and breathtaking acrobatics.

Breakdance and ballet

Something for every taste: breakdance world champions, artistic acrobats and elegant ballet dancers. Furthermore, one can look forward to interludes from world-famous dance shows and films. This is how "baby" is made of your johnny as in "dirty dancing" lifted into the air, and michael jackson shows the famous dance moves to "beat it".
The "black theater" is particularly impressive, with the help of black light and special costumes fascinating performances are offered. The irish tap dance, however, is the most important part of the 90-minute program. But also completely new and unique choreographies are combined with classical tap. Dizzying acrobatics by the south american artistic group "pura vida or fast-paced diverse dance styles demand high performance from the artists.
High quality dance coupled with spectacular performances, an excellent light show and rhythmic music highlight the uniqueness of the dance styles and come together to create a dazzling show.
Tickets are still available at the known ticket offices.