Old town hall is included

Old town hall is included

For the village square design in the district of holzhausen, a draft by architect gert bayer from konigsberg was presented to the konigsberg city council on tuesday. As part of the redesign, the former town hall on the village square is to be integrated into the existing plans. An existing annex will be demolished, and the town hall itself will be renovated and made barrier-free.

During a detailed discussion at the office for rural development in wurzburg at the beginning of this year, the city of konigsberg was advised to apply for a grant from the european agricultural fund for rural development – the eader for short – for the renovation of the village square. Now that the renovation of the town hall and the connection of the village square are also to be carried out, the planning was not completed until the end of august.

Deadline missed

According to the information of the office for rural development, the application deadline for EAFRD has expired in the meantime. In the meantime, however, the "bavarian demand for village renewal" has been implemented a new program will be launched. This provides for a maximum requirement of 78 percent of the total cost – minus a donation, the city still had to raise a sum of 65000 euros (see info box). The city council therefore unanimously decided to apply for a grant for the individual village renewal of holzhausen (redesign of the village square and renovation of the old town hall) based on the existing plans.

Through the ongoing land management, the city of konigsberg is currently also trying to develop building sites and vacant lots in the district of holzhausen. However, there is also a need for additional building sites. This is to be achieved by the designation of a small building area adjoining the existing development in the "one-way" area to be covered.

Development plan presented

The planning group strunz from bamberg was commissioned with the preparation of a development plan. On their behalf, frank schonfelder presented the planning for the building area and the procedural steps on tuesday. In this planning, an extension in the northern and southern direction is planned. In addition, a border strip was provided for a later greening, so that in time a proper village border can be created.

Schonfelder also pointed out the fixed requirements for the building area. A lengthy discussion arose regarding the necessary drainage in this new construction area. In the village of holzhausen, this is done according to the mixed system. For new building areas, however, the separation system is actually prescribed, which in this case led to disproportionately high costs. In exceptional cases, the mixed system will also still be approved, the statement said. An application to this effect must be approved. The city council decided to draw up the development plan with integrated land use plan and the presented development plan as preliminary draft. The public will shortly have the opportunity to inform themselves about the planning and to express their opinion.

New demand program

In a previous meeting, the concept of the alliance main&habberge for the demand of the constructional inner development had already been presented once. Mayor claus bittenbrunn () informed the meeting participants once again about the most important points of this demand program. Existing buildings that are to be converted into residential or commercial areas are eligible for the project. Purchase and demolition of buildings without new construction are not permitted.

The city council decided to implement this program of demands. A legal claim on the demand does not exist however. The funds could only be allocated subject to the availability of budgetary funds.

In conclusion, bittenbrunn announced that at the town fire brigade day on 21. October the new vehicle is handed over to the fire department.