Long-distance bus versus train

In the long-distance bus industry, the announcement of the german railroads to offer young customers one million reduced tickets is met with displeasure. "Such prices are distortion of competition", said christian hober, founder and head of the koln long-distance bus operator pinkbus. "As soon as the railroads are not only faster, but also cheaper, providers like us will hardly stand a chance."

Travelers up to the age of 26 can purchase tickets from 12.90 euros for ICE travel in second class with the new rail offer, as the company announced on sunday.

The respective price depended on the route, time and capacity utilization of the train. Travel is then possible until the end of april 2021. The "bild" was the first to report on the reduced prices-newspaper reports that competition from long-distance buses is behind the gifted offer.

According to the report, young people in particular are currently using these buses more frequently because of cheaper prices.

Pinkbus operates a direct connection between berlin and munich. Company boss hober suspects that the reduced ticket prices were not allowed to cover the actual costs of the railroad, thus ultimately bringing losses. Dpa