Carnival show in the wild west

carnival show in the wild west

True to the carnival motto, the market hall resembled the wild west this weekend. Cowboys, sheriffs and indians from small to large and as far as the eye could see, as well as a great stage set that created a western atmosphere. Over five hours of entertainment awaited the carnival jesters in the audience.

Shortly after 7 p.M., the six-headed guessers mathias sperber (rentweinsdorf), steffen neubauer, oliver stark, kurt schorn, sarah schmidtlien and matthias sperber (sendelbach), who rode into the market hall on their (stuck) horses, virtually opened the battlefield. In the process, a small (plush) dog came to its death. "If you don't hit anything, you always hit a dog" a council of six alluded to an incident in the community a few years ago. But thanks to an ouzo from the local greek, the rambunctious sixers were able to revive the doggie.

The flopmdel

"The unsuspecting from the ladies' regulars' table rentweinsdorf were looking for "rentweinsdorf's next flopmodel" this year. The way the jury members bruce darnell, heidi klum and jorge gonzàlez were imitated was enough to make the audience laugh. Even as the contestants took to the stage, the audience fell into laughter: witch, drunken redcap, which in this state "bluecap" calls, stinking dwarf, frog, sheik, snake charmer, belly dancer or santa maria, the brother of santa claus. In the end, the charming indian winnetouch gets ahead and even makes it onto the front page of the VG ebern's newsletter thanks to his photo shoot.

The audience got a lot of advertising during the sketch of the "specialists" to see. So the introduction promised "bonanza in four acts". It quickly became clear that the focus was not on the actual plot, but on the extravagant commercial interruptions, which caused the audience to burst out laughing. Like that for the chocolate bar "snickers, an actor on the quiet place presses into the schussel, or for carglass, whereby the disk is afterwards still more broken, than before.

"One train, and you're gone"

Viennese sausages from deutschlander are sold with the slogan "deutschlander, vom wurstchen die restten" ("deutschlander, the leftovers from the sausage") advertised. Marlboro cigarettes are finally as dangerous as train crossings: "one train and you're gone". After the commercial breaks, the actual action finally came to an end, in which two cattle are to be taken from the forbidden city of ebern. But little john and his buddy came back with two policemen. Finally the word game was solved: "you should get cattle and not cops".

A highlight of the evening was the performance of the male ballet. The "dirty westerngirls climbed the stage and rocked a cowboy. Already alone the outfit brought the public to the raving and was topped by the partly quite breakneck dance interludes still.

But apart from the male ballet, there were other performances with lots of movement and verve. The rentweinsdorfer prinzengarden I and II convinced the audience with their dance. Once again the madels proved their sense of rhythm and rhythmic feeling and provided for already to be looked at figures on the stage.

Already with five years on the stage"

The children's dance group took the hearts of the audience by storm when the 14 girls from the wild west got out their lasso and played cowboys and indians. The madels gone wild scurried across the stage and brought their rehearsed dance to the parquet floor. The youngest dancer among them is lila strong with just five years of age.

A breathtaking dance put also the spark mariechen xenia nusslein from breitengubbach on the parquet. She has been dancing in the guard for ten years and has now been a spark mariechen for two years.

In a coat thickly wrapped were first the madels of the showtanzgarde heubach, when they climbed to the hat dream on the stage. But it did not take long and they love the skins fall and provided with great costumes and swinging dance steps and figures for exuberant mood and also the show dance of the rentweinsdorfer prinzengarde I came at the end of the program really well and provided again for a high point of the evening.

The kasperletheater

A great contribution, which was funny but still thought-provoking, was delivered by the two guest performers cathrin and bernd geiser from the neighboring community of reckendorf, who had already performed on the rentweinsdorf stage last year. In the "german kasperletheater" political figures like angela merkel or sarah wagenknecht stepped in front of the curtain and engaged in a verbal exchange of blows, so that finally the devil was loose, although unity was supposed to prevail.

The jamaikakappe could be thrown away finally also. "The bundestag is blown open, so it's mass and not quality that counts." Finally cathrin and bernd geiser changed the scene from the kasperletheater to the "circus mondial, where world political issues were on the program. At the end they came to the decision: "before we ignite our rocket, we will tie the trump on it".

The story of the maypole theft

The "treinfeld village dorks" had their alexa with them this year: a tin can that answers questions on demand. But they also had a peace pipe in the pack – made of real maypole wood from ebern. They told about the last maypole theft and announced that they will get it for the third time this year. In addition it came out that the rentweinsdorfer with the colored evenings in ebern in the past year a flag to go along love. The friends and helpers of the ebern fire department had even helped out.

The butt of the rentweinsdorf prince and princess caused many laughs. At this, princess julia II. (easy) as "reingschleifte competing in the rentweinsdorf burial test. It was presented by prince steffen II. (kropp) poked fun with questions about events in the community. So the rentweinsdorf tribal chief is "chief cold dog, also the leader of the rothaute tribe. Not only rentweinsdorf mayor willi sendelbeck (SPD) and his councillors, but also the neighbors from ebern had to take a beating.

Jokes and word twists made for laughs at the butt of six council member kurt schorn. "When a cowboy comes out from the frisor: "pony away". But also so some colleague of the sechserrat was taken on the joke. For example, a smooth nudist track would be at the highest level.

Because father never gets a word in edgewise anyway

Mathias and sabine sperber and steffen and stefanie neubauer with son performed together with keno stark as "the boss" and depicted the lives of two indian families, where the child dutifully cleans up his wigwam and speaks his mother tongue, because the father never gets a word in edgewise anyway.

That's why the two women are tied and gagged to the stake right away. In this sketch, events in the market town and beyond were taken for a ride. For example, that the people of ebern have again had the maypole stolen by the people of treinfeld and also the inconsistencies around the rentweinsdorf christmas market and the requirements for the ebern carnival procession appealed to them. Finally, a belated birthday song for mayor willi sendelbeck could not be missing. But in the process he also got his fat off.