Drones in action for the tramway

The city-umland railroad association (ZV stub) begins detailed surveying of the route for the planned tram connection from nurnberg via erlangen to herzogenaurach. For this purpose, aerial photographs are expected to be taken in erlangen and herzogenaurach starting next week. This is what the association reports in a press release.

In order to be able to start with the centimeter-precise planning of the urban-umland railroad, further measurements are required along the planned route, it is explained. For a fast and trouble-free execution, drones will be used to collect data from the air.

In 100 meters high

"The drones will be flying over the 20-kilometer route in the urban area of erlangen and herzogenaurach. From a height of 80 to 100 meters above ground, this is measured to the centimeter", explains florian graf, technical director of the stub association. Based on the data obtained, a 3D model of the route will be created afterwards, which will serve as a basis for further planning.

The survey was carried out in compliance with all data protection regulations and was coordinated with the police and all relevant authorities