Hochstadter is happy about his hornets

After a hard day’s work, stefan lenk from hochstadt sat down on his balcony with an evening beer. Suddenly he heard a familiar buzzing above his head. His old friends, the hornets, have returned to him and have built a new nest at his house. Much to his delight.

Hornets are useful

"Most people are afraid of hornets. However, I can not understand that at all. Hornets are such majestic insects and also much more harmless than the normal burglar imagines. They are aubert peace-loving little animals", explains lenk. Even his daughter is not bothered by the coarse insects. "No problem – they don’t do anything either." Lenk also calls itself a "nature bush. "My favorite thing would be if the whole attic was full of hornets’ nests.

Hornets do not simply attack

Finally they are nice to look at and bring only advantages with themselves", he said happily. For example, the hornets take care of the mosquitoes and the wasps. These serve the coarse insects as food. With a hornet’s nest, even annoying flies are a thing of the past. "The hornets themselves will never attack a human being, as long as you leave them alone", lenk is sure. Even a contrary experience does not make him change his love for the insects and nature. "Of course I have been stung once too. But that was also understandable, because I was responsible for more than 400 nesting boxes in my position as the first bird warden of the nature and bird friends association in hochstadt-sud. This happened in the course of a cleanup action. But this does not make me change my opinion that the hornets are a gift."