“French course”

Who always wanted to learn more about the peculiarity of the french dialect and about the origin and meaning of such coarse expressions as "bolandi" and "grawitschgo, "zweggerd", "songbird and "ieberzwerch", should take the "graschkurs french" visit the famous dialect poet helmut haberkamm on saturday, 3. October, at the invitation of the "bankla" cultural association in the hall of the brewery prechtel in uehlfeld stop. Winni wittkopp and his piano partner arne unbehauen ensure with their songs that the desired learning success is easily achieved, according to the press release of the organizers. Just the right thing for all true franconians who think they are native speakers and dialect experts. But also a "graschkurs" in the hall for all the "ripe" ones and "stuck", all elective or quality francs. The rule of thumb is: "whoever lives it knows it"!"

The start is at 8 p.M., tickets are available for 18 euros in advance at the brewery prechtel and in the bookstore hochstadt, and for 20 euros at the box office.