They do sports all the time

Yes, where do you run? Around reichmannsdorf, ever faster and ever farther. Three times a week: the group that took part in a rough run of ten kilometers long in wolnzach in july. That spurs on. Young and old. Brigitte kraus and carmen kraus spur you on. "Left leg up and swing… And now the right leg up and swing!" Before every training session you have to warm up, at the end everything ends with stretching exercises. The two exercise instructors are enthusiastic, as is their group of 25 to 30 people on average. Why do the 50 year old brigitte kraus and the four year younger carmen kraus do this?? Because they are sports enthusiasts and because they also want to bring others to sports and above all to their club, the SC reichmannsdorf.

After forces

There are the two women at home. Here they are officially involved as exercise instructors in the gymnastics department, but in fact they work hard for the entire SC. "She cooks for the soccer players and washes their jerseys", explains brigitte kraus to her namesake, who as head of the gymnastics department is a member of the executive committee.

Carmen kraus has always been into sports, so physical exercise is just part of her life. Also for health reasons. "I have already had two slipped discs", she says. She attributes the fact that she has survived everything without any operations to her sporting activities. Sport is the most important hobby for her and a "meaningful way to spend her free time". This is what carmen kraus and brigitte kraus pass on to their families. That's how the children grew up with sports. However, carmen kraus describes her husband as more of a sports muffler, but he is fully behind his wife's sporting commitment.

A sporty start to marriage

Things were a little different for brigitte kraus: her husband was a passionate soccer player and coach. So she practically married into the sport. What else could she do than to get involved in sports for her part?. She has been passionate about sports since then. So much so that she has worked her way up to the position of exercise instructor (gymnastics). Club members of the running group love to know how much they appreciate brigitte kraus' joy of discovery. The 46-year-old herself knows the stages from being a sports slacker to being an active athlete from her own experience. And that's exactly why SC reichmannsdorf is offering a group for the second time that gets participants to run ten kilometers in ten weeks, i.E. Walking and with small tripping units.

Between 45 and 70

The participants are between 45 and 70 years old and come from all over the area. Monday, wednesday
and saturday. Christine jevtic is also on board. The 60-year-old also meets regularly with brigitte kraus outside the group for walking. She is also in the SC reichmannsdorf. She used to jog, now she walks. For one and a half years and with brigitte kraus. She feels better and fitter. And she thinks it's good for the heart and circulation, too. An argument shared by many members of the run-10 group. This, in turn, motivates the two kraus ladies. With joy they notice how the condition of their proteges increases from time to time. Dietmar reichenbacher (49) thinks it's "great that something like this exists." Engrossed in conversation, the group walks away. "You still have to be able to talk, then the tempo is right", says brigitte kraus. The noise level, which the group "run 10 accompanied, signaled, it fits. Now the two sports ambassadors of the SC reichmannsdorf sincerely hope that they have spread the enthusiasm for sports beyond the appearance in wolnzach and, of course, the enthusiasm for their own sports club…