The b8 near iphofen becomes a rough construction site

The b8 near iphofen becomes a rough construction site

The man in the orange warning vest waves and waves as if he wants to chase away a swarm of bees. "Everything is frayed!" He calls out to the driver in the small truck with a few sweeping hand movements. But for the time being, the driver remains stubbornly behind the wheel. Even though the road at this point is full of construction machinery, the carriageway has been torn up and red and white barrier beacons signal that there is no way forward here – there are still plenty of motorists trying to make their way through the rough construction site on the B8 near iphofen this morning.

Traffic on the B8 continues to flow

It honks and threatens and clatters, and as if that weren’t enough, a sometimes swelling stream of traffic has to be braked as well. In this picture, the construction company’s men in their sulfur yellow and orange signal vests sometimes look lost. While traffic on the B8 continues to run over a double-lane swerve above the previous route, the approaches to iphofen and the train station have been closed since this monday – actually. The man who watches over the critical points of the construction site like a traffic policeman during the first days of the closure and also reminds the reporter to wear a warning vest at a later time, remains polite and laughs when a car driver has gone astray again.

The other day, someone drove straight into a traffic circle – and was surprised afterwards. "But it wasn’t there four weeks ago."Man is a creature of habit, and so they expect that it will take some time until drivers in iphofen get used to the detour routes. Since monday, anyone who wanted to reach the shopping markets below the bundesstrabe by car has had to take the somewhat longer, more arduous route through iphofen. The route to the train station leads through the alte reichsstrabe commercial area. "According to the plans of the construction company, the access road to the town will be free again from calendar week 47", it says on the homepage of the town of iphofen . This will not be the case before mid november. Until then, pedestrians can reach both the markets and the train station via a temporary access road. It should stay that way.

Where drivers throw bottles

For the people on the construction site, the situation was allowed to relax over the next few days and weeks. The excitement is always rough at first, says one of them. They often got the worst of it, even though they were least able to help it, when roads were closed and drivers had to change their direction. On the freeway it is really bad, the time pressure is as high as the frustration potential. Sometimes bottles or other things were thrown at them. This morning in iphofen is far removed from such escalations.

Part of the roadway, over which hundreds of vehicles normally roll at this time of day, has already been chipped away, and the asphalt is being loaded onto large trucks. The city has waited a long time for this day, it has fought for this traffic circle. The intersection with its four arms was considered by many drivers as a monster, which even with a speed limit not effectively tamed dear. They fear every encounter. The police listed the intersection as an accident black spot. This is to be the end of the matter in the future, even if there is a detour to be taken on the way to the rough goal.