Rainer ludwig’s office as a new contact point

For almost half a year, mdl rainer ludwig (freie wahler) has represented his constituency in the bavarian state parliament. On tuesday afternoon, his office for deputies was ceremoniously opened in the upper city. For the first time ever, the free voters in the constituency were able to put forward a member of the state parliament.

"Our new office is open to the citizens on mondays from 9 a.M. To 12 noon and wednesdays from 12 noon to 3 p.M. And by appointment", said rainer ludwig. He wants to be a mouthpiece and mediator, to build a municipal bridge to the state level. "It was a matter of the heart to me to have a contact point and an open ear for suggestions, problems and requests from the citizens of burgenland."

He will be assisted by thilo tiede as a research assistant and frederic scheps, who will take care of public relations, media relations and administration. "Thilo tiede looks back on four years of experience in brussel", explained ludwig, and frederic scheps had been at radio plassenburg for five years. "After the concrete buildings in brussel, i am especially happy about the beautiful view here in the old town of kulmbach", said tiede.

Rainer ludwig sees three outstanding topics, namely economy/agriculture, energy policy and education, which the free voters occupy and which he wants to vehemently push forward. At the constituency level, for example, these were renewable energies and the hgu route, with a focus on the fichtelgebirge, and at the kulmbach level, above all, the new university. "Here we must combine all forces across party lines, and mayor henry schramm has my full support." Climate protection is also close to the heart of the energy policy spokesman of the free electorate "i therefore also support the ‘fridays for future’ movement in all its form."

Many party friends came on tuesday to congratulate mdl rainer ludwig on the new business premises, including district administrator klaus peter sollner. "Our entry into the state parliament was something extraordinary, and i have to give rainer ludwig a big compliment." He quickly got to grips with the new task, was prepared to think his way through complex issues and, for example, convinced the petitions committee with his well-founded specialist knowledge. "We also have someone here who will take care of the affairs of kulmbach."

This also applies to members of other parties, of course, because "in local politics, everyone has to stick together, regardless of which party they come from, he said, addressing the second mayor frank wilzok (CSU). The latter confirmed this cohesion and attested to mdl rainer ludwig’s closeness to the people.