District of bad kissingen awards cultural honorary letters

Although the infection traps in the district are manageable, the pandemic has left its mark on the music and culture sector, according to district administrator thomas bold in his welcoming address. The decisions related to the crisis to restrict public cultural events had hit the county hard. "Uncertainty in march, relaxed restrictions in june, which allowed samples under certain conditions, and for some weeks now rapidly rising infection figures again."We are far away from the old normality", the district administrator stated.

Nevertheless, the culture and music creators should not fall into lethargy. "We have to keep our eyes on the future, because people long for cultural offerings. Entertainment, diversion, expression of social currents and political opinions are inextricably linked with the cultural offer", so bold.

The communities took their mission in cultural work seriously, bold continued. The culture requirement is not a compulsory task, but a voluntary service. "Municipal and city councils have shown far-sightedness in this respect. This is also evident in hammelburg with the bavarian music academy", he added.

The bad kissingen district youth wind orchestra of the north bavarian wind youth, conducted by tanja berthold, provided a fitting musical backdrop for the ceremony. Four people and two clubs from the county accepted the award.

August brendan from hammelburg "rendered outstanding services to cemetery culture", said the district administrator during the presentation of the honorary letter. For more than 20 years, today’s retired musician has turned his former official duties into a hobby, for which he has even sacrificed free time and vacations. He was head of the public order office in hammelburg and has always been a strong advocate for the preservation of old graves and legible inscriptions. He enriched the burial culture with small vineyards, water ponds, rose beds and herb gardens.

Matthias elm from speicherz has been involved in the preservation of local history for two decades. Thanks to him, the knowledge about the history of the towns in the old district of bad bruckenau will be preserved for future generations, explained the district administrator when he handed over the honorary letter. He was particularly fond of the resettled villages of the wildflecken troop replacement area, where elm also organizes guided tours. "Please do not slacken in your efforts to preserve local history", said thomas bold.

Archaeological artifacts, fossils and minerals collected by walter heck from oberleichtersbach since 1989. The finds can be admired on the trimburg, in oberbach and in geroda. A supra-regionally important find was made with fossils around 35 million years old, which walter heck discovered near his hometown. Five finds were even named after him. Heck himself writes technical papers and acts as a guide on natural history excursions. He, too, was awarded the cultural honorary letter by district administrator thomas bold.

The kissinger sangervereinigung celebrates its 175th anniversary. Existence and is one of the oldest, french chore. The choir is characterized by a high social commitment through numerous charity concerts and could already count bismarck and elisabeth of austria among its concert guests. With 175 members – 70 of them active – the choral society is one of the "mainstays of cultural life in the district," said thomas bold, explained thomas bold during the presentation of the honorary letter to the chairman dr. Sven steinbach.

The hammelburg amateur dramatic group "spectaculum founded in 1988. In numerous performances, the members put a great deal of commitment into costumes and rehearsals, and into the presentation of interesting and often demanding pieces. They often found the right ambience in historical buildings such as saaleck castle, the trimburg or the cellar castle. The saaleck castle stage became its main venue in 1998. Currently with 60 active members, the amateur dramatics troupe repeatedly succeeds in delivering convincing performances, even without professional actors, explained the district administrator. Wolfgang althoff and claudia albrecht accepted the honorary letter.

Last but not least, bernhard uebel, an active member of the fuschter musikanten and initially their "reserve conductor", also received this honor. 16 years ago he took over this office, built up a group of young musicians and partly also trained young musicians from langendorf and machtilshausen. As deputy conductor and youth instructor, he remains loyal to the club. Uebel made a significant contribution to the preservation and growth of the fuschter musikanten, said the district administrator. This cultural commitment was also honored with the letter of honor. The ceremony ended with the closing words of the vice chairman of the sangergruppe bad kissingen, carsten ahlers, who expressed his thanks to the district and all the supporting forces.