At st. Never-never day?

At st. never-never day?

One of the last adventures: crossing the main roads from nudlingen or arnshausen as a pedestrian during rush hour. There you should still be relatively fit.

Rita gabel, who lives on iringstrabe (B 286) in arnshausen, is one of the many people who suffer as a result of the road traffic: "it’s terrible and a huge nuisance". The heavy and empty trucks are the most disturbing in the morning; "they rattle".

No one concerned doubts that a new B 286 or a nudlingen bypass urgently needed to be built. Both projects are to be included in the 2015 federal transport infrastructure plan (BVWP) as "urgent needs" to be recorded. This does not mean that the earthmovers will start moving in the next few years. The principle of hope is likely to continue to prevail.

At the state building authority in schweinfurt, alexander schlegel is responsible for the BVWP. There, the new B 286 has long been listed under the heading of urgent need. The federal government will decide whether this remains the case. The nudlingen bypass (B 287) should also be classified there. Both had been proposed to the highest building authority "we report mabnahmen, which are necessary according to our view".

And what about the dilapidated B 27 between bad bruckenau and hammelburg?? It will not be considered because it will be downgraded to a state highway by 2015 because it runs parallel to the rhon highway A 7. That is why it could not be included in the BVWP.

Michael siefener, deputy spokesman for the bavarian ministry of the interior, which includes the top building authority, says the new registration lists are not yet ready. They were discussed yesterday tuesday in the bavarian cabinet. They were published. The public was involved in november. Everything had gone into the design. The procedure is very time-consuming and drags on for a long time. The federal cabinet is expected to decide on the road plan at the end of 2015.

"The federal government has its say

"the federal government is in the word", kay blankenburg (SPD), mayor of bad kissingen, said in response to the question of what would become of the new B 286. The road is really urgently needed. When the A 71 was built "against a lot of resistance – one of the main arguments for building the bypass was a better connection to bad kissingen. According to blankenburg, this includes not only a highway, "but also that people can get there. He had spoken several times with the responsible ministers – formerly wolfgang tiefensee (SPD), now peter ramsauer (CSU) – and the deputies were also concerned about the issue. However, the focus for bad kissingen is on the cycle path to arnshausen. It will be built in advance and not in isolation from the new B 286.

The new B 286 has always been a priority, says siegfried erhard (CSU) "as long as I’ve been mayor of oerlenbach." – for 27 years. It is curious: "the project is always in and is never implemented." All attempts have failed. Among other things because of the unclear line guidance in bad kissingen or because of oversized planning. Erhard has not the slightest doubt that it is necessary. The new B 286 should accommodate 12,000 vehicles. Currently, 7,000 to 8,000 oerlenbach and 5,000 eltingshausen pass through per day. However, he does not have "too much hope", that the new building will be inaugurated during his term of office – seven years at the most.

Soon a divided village?

Nudlingen could become a divided village, says stefan funk, the executive officer in the town hall. Therefore, the bypass must be built, even if it is unclear how much it will cost. Funk: "we have pointed out the particular urgency of the matter." For years, the residents have been severely affected by the traffic, a revitalization of the village center is hardly possible. 10,800 cars, including 540 heavy trucks, currently pass through the town every day. For 2030, approx. 12,000 predicted. A traffic light has been installed, but that is not a solution, according to funk.

The state of affairs

B 286 new: the concept developed in 2010 by the bavarian road construction administration was accepted by the federal ministry of transport as the basis for drawing up a preliminary design. This "preferred option 2 cost 17.8 million euros and was 6.7 kilometers long. The project is classified as an "urgent requirement", is considered to be a "firmly scheduled acceptance". Next step is the preparation of preliminary designs by bavaria’s tram construction administration. If necessary, detailed planning and planning approval procedures will follow.

B 287: the bypass of nudlingen is currently only considered to be "further need classified. It would be 4.6 kilometers long and cost 10.8 million euros. Its "economic advantageousness is recognized. Bavaria’s tram construction administration, however, has not yet been granted planning permission. That is why there has been no planning so far. This was announced by richard schild of the "federal ministry of transport" at the time of the inquiry. Both projects have the abbreviation 02 KK (new construction of a one-lane, two-lane road without a hard shoulder).