Freiburg’s coach streich: “i’m happy the way things are”

Freiburg's coach streich:

How do you classify the second half of the season and the class retention from a sporting point of view??

Christian streich: "for us, it was clear that the goal of staying in the league would be very difficult to achieve. We have succeeded above all because we have placed the overriding goals in the foreground instead of the table: that we want to play football, want to inspire the people in the stadium and work with a perspective. That"s the only way we got the results right."

And how big is your part in it?

Prank: "I didn"t do anything."

But something must have happened?

Prank: "no, really. We worked in the training team, all together. We focus on our task, support each other, and enjoy each other and playing together. We try to do justice to all the fundamentals of the game."

Are the eleven friends not just something for romantics??

Prank: "i"m not talking about eleven friends. Zero. We are not friends."


Strike: " work colleagues who treat each other with respect. That also means fighting the other on the training field."


Prank: "when I fight the other person, he always gets better. That is respect. I show the colleague my appreciation by fighting him fairly, but with all my strength. If I don"t do this and don"t approach my work in this way, then I take away the opportunity to become better and I don"t treat him with respect."

They often emphasize the attitude to work and the willingness to perform of their players. Has this become so rare in fubball?

Strike: "I don"t know that. What I mean is that you feel responsible to a community, in this case the club, the employer and the group that supports you. I am talking about all of us here in this context. Coaching team, functional team, SC staff, all of us. There is no top and bottom with us. I am not on top. I am in the middle."

But especially you are in the focus as a guy. How do you explain that?

Prank: "i don"t know if there"s something mysterious behind it. Maybe it has first of all something to do with fubball. That was already. Maybe a lot of people think: "why does freiburg lose so rarely right now? What happens there?On the other hand, you"re always interested in new things. There is something new in the media, so this is often transported. I can"t speak high german so well and may erfulle some ideas. Maybe people think or feel something when they see me, and then they are interested."

So completely unconventional, but also fundamentally normal and authentic?

Prank: "and what is normal? There is no such thing as "the normal", because the people, the trainers, are all very different. The difference is maybe sometimes I just say it out. Perhaps there are certain things that are not talked about otherwise."

Surprised at how much importance is given to football?

Prank: "i knew that. It does not bother me either. Because in the end it"s always about fubball, the game itself. It"s all survived so far. How crude this game must be that people are still so enthusiastic about these few rules, about this almost archaic form of a game. Nothing is rougher than the game. It is apparently so crude that it can keep people enthralled for a lifetime."

You yourself have recently addressed the issue of health. Are you afraid that the suffers?

Prank: "no. After a season you might have one or two aches and pains. But so do others in their profession."

You said at the beginning that the bundesliga is even worse than in your imagination.

Strike: "the media coverage is enormous, and the identification is often so rough – it"s insane. Sometimes I can hardly believe what it means to many people when the club wins or loses. They are then dead unhappy or even bose. I sometimes think, people, that we all really do it as good as possible and don"t forget that we are just people who do this job. This immense importance is sometimes a bit frightening or something that makes you wonder if it"s still a good thing. There should still be things that are more important. You have family and hopefully work. Cheer, be happy, be sad, live through it all, okay. But the significance in germany and the emotions involved, that"s already a lot. That is sometimes too much for me."

You first considered whether you wanted to be a head coach. Now there is speculation that they will return to youth work.

Prank: "no, you can"t say that. I am happy the way it is. The decision to do it was right. Everyone in the club went along with the decision, I asked them practically everyone, we discussed it. And now we are all happy to do it."

In terms of sports, what is the best compliment you have received recently??

Strike: "already for us as a team at the moment is that we seem to give a little joy to one or the other person. I think to trace that. There are people who come and say that they really enjoy the SC."

Like the saleswoman in the supermarket the other day, who showed them where the mustard was and at the same time shared her joy about the sports club.

Streich: " there are some examples. Surely we do not win so seldom at the moment. And there one could assume that it is simply connected with it. It"s hard, in football it"s also about the result, we play for the victory. Only: i have the feeling that for many people the result is now almost a little secondary, and that is of course already. There we are again one step closer to the game."