Family drama: victims are son and son-in-law

Family drama: victims are son and son-in-law

After the family drama with two shot and two injured in saarbrucken the identity of the victims is certain for the police.

The two dead are a 35-year-old son and a 37-year-old son-in-law of the suspected perpetrator, a spokesman said on sunday. One of the two injured women is a daughter (30) of the 59-year-old alleged offender. "It can be assumed that she is the wife of the son-in-law who was killed," said the police spokesman. The suspect has been remanded in custody for investigation. The charge was two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Already after the crime on saturday, the investigators had announced that the second injured person was the 60-year-old wife of the suspect. Meanwhile, the investigation had revealed that the marriage was divorced. The separated couple had no longer lived together. The separation was also with great probability the motive of the crime. "We assume that it was a family drama," said the police spokesman. "The background is probably to be sought in the relationship of separation."

The 59-year-old had appeared at the ex-wife’s family home during a family celebration. The german with eastern european roots had not been invited and "immediately started pushing around," said the police spokesman. "The gun seized is also, in all likelihood, the murder weapon."The man illegally possessed the firearm. How many times it was printed has yet to be determined. Both women were in danger of death.

The man had appeared outside the bungalow after the shooting in saarbrucken-fechingen and had allowed himself to be arrested without resistance by the arriving police officers. Neighbors reported gunshots in family home via emergency call on saturday afternoon. According to the police, other adults and several children were present in the house at the time of the crime. They were not injured, but were in shock and received emergency psychological care.

A resident had reported that the area was "a very normal" and relatively good residential area. There were one-family houses, two-family houses and three high-rise buildings. "It has never happened before something like this," he said.