Greenpeace wants to stop ceta

Greenpeace wants to stop ceta

It’s only four letters, but the impact is huge – also for bamberg. At least this is what the activists of greenpeace think and protested on saturday with an information stand at the lower bridge against the trade agreement with canada, ceta for short. "We were very pleased with the response, but we were also appalled at how little real knowledge there is about the trade agreement among the population, described sabrina batz from greenpeace. Most people are already familiar with the term, but many are simply not aware of the details behind it.

Therefore, the activists at greenpeace were all the more determined to do some clarification work here. In addition, they wanted to prevent the ratification of ceta with this nationwide action – opponents of the agreement could document their rejection with a sticker and their signature on a poster wall.

Several reasons for veto

For greenpeace, there are several main points against ceta, which is due to be signed at EU level by the end of this year. Among other things, the comprehensive economic and trade agreement (ceta), which is short for "comprehensive economic and trade agreement," serves as a door opener for U.S. Companies. Greenpeace fears that U.S. Companies with subsidiaries in canada will be able to sue european states if new laws threaten their investments. Furthermore, the introduction of the trade agreement will curtail the rights of parliaments and environmental and consumer standards.

Thirdly, the agreement to develop common standards in ceta has weakened the high EU standards. The precautionary principle, which has the goal of avoiding damage to the environment and people, was particularly endangered. Also, according to greenpeace, canadian interests have allowed genetically modified foods and meat from hormone-treated animals to enter the european market.

Therefore, there is only one way for greenpeace: to stop the trade agreement with canada. "We will hand over the collected stickers and signatures against the trade agreement to the two german members of the EU, monika hohlmeier and kerstin westphal", so batz. Because they could still stop the agreement with their vote.

In addition to handing over the signature lists, greenpeace is also planning to hold a meeting on 17. September different rough demos in seven cities like munich, berlin and leipzig. The aim is to fight for fair world trade and to continue to safeguard ecological and social standards.