Before the “grind”, construction is taking place in weidhausen

Behind a hedge at the elementary school, people are talking and screwing – children's voices can be heard. A narrow path leads to an asphalt court, about half as rough as a tennis court. Skateboards, BMX bicycles and scooters on the way reveal what is being built there: a skate park.

The special feature: the later users, the children and young people of the community, are involved in the construction work. It is a project of the municipal youth work and the municipality. It is being implemented under the expert guidance of coburg's BMX world champion markus grempel. "We have to be ready in two days", says grempel and continues. He has made the calculations, ordered the material and is now carrying out the work with the young people.

The pedagogical background, as grempel explains, is that the young people build the facility themselves and thus value it more strongly. Vandalism is to be prevented in this way. Grempel has enough helpers. Between ten and 15 youngsters scurry around on the land. One of them is 12-year-old justin reising. "I have been riding BMX for three years and I am looking forward to the new track", says reising and continues to tinker with the grindbox, where he will soon be practicing his tricks.

Next to the grindbox a quarterpipe and a bench will be built. The basic framework for the three elements is formed by stable wooden beams and laths, which stand on small stone pillars. For optimum trafficability, brown, multiply glued screen printing plates are placed on top. "Such a plant can last for ten years. After two or three years you have to take a closer look.

Regular care also helps naturally", explains grempel.
20-year-old weidhauser kevin mertinatsch also wants to make sure of that. The volunteer youth worker came to help after his work as a cook. "I am often here and would like to take care of the long-term care and be a contact person for the children. I don't want the new park to be destroyed. That's what happened to the old one in 2009", says mertinatsch. He also wants to use the park with his skateboard.

The project costs 5,000 euros
The way through the hedge has also been found by mayor markus monch (party-less). "Ah, they probably want to see what happens to their money", grempel jokingly buries the community leader.
The skate park costs the municipality around 5,000 euros, but that's still cheap, as project manager grempel explains: "when the same park was built by a company, it cost around 15,000 euros."

Monch remembers how the park was built: "young people from the community had written a letter. Afterwards, they presented the idea with a model to the local council." After the burgermeister let some of the youngsters explain to him what "grind" is is – slipping along a gelander or a ledge – it leaves the construction site again.

But weidhausen is no exception in the skatepark construction, betrayed grempel: "the next is already in planning. What was the adventure playground in my youth are the skate parks today." Besides the appreciation for the facility, by participating in the construction, he sees another positive effect. "At the same time, the kids learn how to use tools. Many, especially the kids from the city, can't do that anymore."

Suddenly, a boy from the quarterpipe calls out: "markus, come over here and see why the board doesn't fit." And grempel is already on the move in another part of the skatepark. In the end, they did it in two days: "we put the last screw in on wednesday evening", says christina adner, youth worker at weidhausen. "It was great, the youngsters did most of it by themselves."