“Eagles” crown their high flight

The FC adler weidhausen footballers have reached their goal. With two sovereign 3:0 home victories against TSV unterlauter and FC michelau, the "yellow-blacks" celebrated their first win of the season over easter the championship in the kreisklasse 1 coburg.

The team of player-coach gerado cannone loved wahrend of the complete season no doubts at the supremacy in this league arise and stands now completely rightly prematurely as a climber into the circle league firmly. That the return to the highest division at the district level in the jubilee year of the "eagles" of all things chuckles, pleases above all the responsible persons.

The players and fans love it on easter monday after their 11. Home victory in a row naturally crash. The joy knew no bounds, until well into the early morning hours was celebrated. Immediately after the final whistle, the "championship coach" predicted – undoubtedly the success guarantor of the last years – that until the fall would be celebrated. And the young "eagles love the words of gerado cannone finally also deeds follow.

Deeds follow love also the kickers of the SV meilschnitz. Their difficult starting position apparently aware, landed the SVM two three over easter and thus lined up for the time being before the once victorious tbvfl neustadt/wildenheid and before the SG sonnefeld/schneckenlohe in the table. Tension in the relegation fight of the KK1 is thus guaranteed, especially since it comes on the next sunday from 16 o'clock also still to the with tension expected city derby in wildenheid. SG burgkunstadt/roth-main has been relegated after losing 0:2 at home to FC haarbrucken.

Exciting is the race for the vice-championship. Since TSV oberlauter, second in the table, lost 4-3 in furth am berg on easter monday, the SG TSV monchroden II/SG rodental, second in the district league, can hope to regain second place. The gap is now only two points.

District 2 coburg

In the coburg district 2, TSV kups made the title race exciting again with its 2-0 victory over top-ranked theisenort on easter monday. The turn- und sportfreunde are only one point ahead of FC baiersdorf, but still have to play a game of catch-up. FC altenkunstadt/woffendorf, also a game behind, maintained third place with a 4-0 win in obersdorf.

District 3 coburg

The SG eyrichshof and the SF unterpreppach drive on easter monday victories in the kreisklasse itzgrund. The game of SV hafenpreppach at TSV cortendorf will be a case for the sports court, because the hosts went after disputes united from the turf.

Referee frank schunk broke the encounter in the 20. The score was 1:0 for the SV heilgersdorf in the first minute. TSV cortendorf left the pitch in unison, the case was allowed to go before the sports court. "I have never experienced anything like this in my career and I still don't know what to say about it", hafenpreppach player-coach benjamin fischer told our partner portal anpfiff.Info.

"After a long ball whistled the impartial and decided on free kick for us. Reason was probably an insult to a player of cortendorf against the referee. We wanted to take the indirect free kick and from then on the situation got completely out of hand. The referee twitched several times yellow and then also two times yellow-red and then the home team left the pitch. We didn't really know how to deal with the situation, the impartial referee then told our captain to stop the game. One or two unfortunate decisions had been made beforehand, but here you can decide either way. We then stood on the field, ran out and went into the cabin. As I said, I have not experienced anything like this, we had gladly continued, since nothing else had actually happened."