First budget with obstacles

First budget with obstacles

Actually, jennifer triest wanted to recover a bit this year from the turbulent year 2019: 40. Birthday, wedding, farewell to the previous city chamberlain, bernhard blum, and in january, the final examinations for the further training in administration and business management. The new city councilor began working on the 2020 budget in october, and provost blum gave her a few more tips. By the end of february, the 33-million-euro budget was ready. But then came the obstacles: because of the municipal election in mid march, the city council did not meet, jennifer triest and her team were tied up with the disbursement, then the corona crisis struck. Coming monday, 27. April, the budget is finally being discussed.

The eight-headed chamber is also currently in crisis mode: those who can are cutting back on overtime, the rest are working shifts or in the home office. "We make sure that we maintain operations and that nothing is left undone, says the city chamber. After the departure of bernhard blum, the team consists exclusively of women. Her successor as the new deputy chamber is olga beidel.

Jennifer triest moved to the city of hammelburg at the beginning of 2017 – at that time still as jennifer langguth. The woman from schweinfurt had previously worked for the protestant church administration for 19 years. "There are a lot of similarities, but still, church and community are different things.", says the trained administrative assistant.

As a "windfall" is how hammelburg mayor armin warmuth (CSU) describes the long transition period at the helm of the chamber. "Ms. Triest was able to familiarize herself well, which made for a seamless transition." In 2005, the schweinfurt native had already completed her degree in business administration. She then went on to study administration and business management at the bavarian school of administration for the city of hammelburg: every friday, she drove to nurnberg, and also invested a lot of free time. "It was important to me that i was also well positioned in terms of business management", the new chamber gives the reason for the training. In return, she agreed to stay with the city for at least three more years. A "very pleasant" experience calls trieste the cooperation with her preganger blum. The timely backfill has allowed the chamber to work on many projects and move them forward. Even though the city of hammelburg is now one of the largest municipalities far and wide that still uses cameralistic accounting, many of the prerequisites for extended cameralistics or even the introduction of so-called double-entry accounting have already been worked through. The city’s assets are largely recorded in the fixed-asset accounts.

Award for bahnhofstrabe

Nevertheless, double entries are only made where fees are incurred, i.E. For the city primarily in the wastewater sector. According to jennifer triest, extended accounting is fully sufficient: "we can book everything so transparently that it has a high informative value for the city council", trieste is certain.

Whether and to what extent the presented budget with a volume of 25.4 million euros in the administrative budget and 7.7 million euros in the property budget will last in this way, even the chamber can not say. "It’s like looking into a crystal ball", jennifer triest comments on the corona crisis. Presumably, both revenues and planned investments will be eliminated. After all, however, on monday the work on the bahnhofstrabe should be awarded.

Nevertheless: "we need a budget resolution to remain capable of acting," says the city chamber president, stands the chamber behind the plan that the vacation committee now still in the current term of the city council to decide the budget. She has also discussed the situation with several colleagues: "we all agree that the crisis is not yet within reach." If revenues and expenses are simply eliminated, it’s not so dramatic, she says. "We’ve been planning rather conservatively for years," says, mayor warmuth also emphasizes. Only if, for example, the net new debt of 1.3 million euros is not sufficient, the city council will have to discuss a supplementary budget after the summer break.

From burgerhaus to bauhof

At the end of march, the vacation committee decided that the draft budget would be sent to all city councils. Your questions clarified chamber jennifer triest directly. For the most part, they were questions of understanding, she reports. Several rates wanted to know why, after several years without borrowing, two million new loans are planned this year. Here, the chamber referred to numerous upcoming projects: from the bahnhofstrabe, which now has to be financed without road expansion contributions, to the construction of the burgerhaus and the bauhof, to the equipment of the schools.