Oldest spider in the world is dead: not a natural death for the 43 year old pitfall spider

The presumed oldest spider in the world is dead. According to researchers, the animal – a so-called trapdoor spider (giaus villosus) – fell victim to the sting of a wasp when it was 43 years old. The team led by leanda denise mason of curtin university in perth, australia, reported that the spider had outlived the previous record holder, a tarantula from mexico, by 15 years.

The spider had, according to a report in the journal "pacific conservation biology practically all its life it has been under the observation of scientists. She was known as "number 16" guided. The spider was named by scientists.

43 years old

They watched the animal. And observed, observed and observed. Because "number 16 was getting older. Much older than all other spiders! But now it has become known: "number 16" died at the age of 43. A wasp sting was to blame.

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The spider belonged to the trapdoor spiders. These live in tubes under the earth. Before the opening of the tubes the spiders build lids. They look almost like the surrounding area. When it gets dark, the spiders open the lid slightly and wait for prey. If, for example, a kafer comes along, the spider strikes.

The pitfall spider – a female – already died in october last year. But her death became known only now. Normally, such spiders only live for 5 to 20 years.