A hero not only in organizing

A hero not only in organizing

Volkach resident julian wiederer can look forward to a trip to barcelona. It’s the prize the 24-year-old won as the winner of the "fubballhelden 2017 – aktion junges ehrenamt" project run by the bavarian fubball association. Wiederer was honored as one of 24 junior officials in bavaria at a ceremony at the stadium in regensburg. Later, the award winners were able to watch the second-division match between regensburg and greuther furth live from a VIP box.

On the day of the ceremony itself, all the honorees were introduced – and the achievements for which they received their prizes. The president of the bavarian fubball association (BFV), rainer koch, took the opportunity to thank the young people. In his speech, he emphasized the value and importance of volunteerism. "It was interesting and very well organized," says julian wiederer. The BFV’s award is aimed at particularly committed club employees under the age of thirty. Wiederer had not known that the honorary officer of the vfl volkach, jurgen hofmann, had proposed him.

The 24-year-old received the award because he had already rendered outstanding services to the vfl’s young talent as a trainer and supervisor at a young age. He plays a key role in organizing a soccer camp for children, which has been taking place over three days during the whitsun vacations since 2015. Around three hundred children between the ages of five and fourteen are looked after here by the club’s staff. Starting with the advertising, again he does a rough part of the work in advance. On all three days, he is also on duty as a coach on the sports field.

"I like organizing, i also like taking responsibility," says wiederer. The motivation for him is the joy and gratitude of the children when you teach them things in soccer or often just motivate them. Together with johannes unger and christian hohn, he approaches younger kickers from the department to ask if they would help out at the camp. After some persuasion work, some of them love to be a supervisor for the club’s recreational activities. And some of the people he spoke to went on to take on coaching positions at the club. Wiederer himself started at the age of 17 as a coach in the junior team of vfl volkach. Shortly after, he acquired the C-trainer license, with the club paying for it.

He coached the U17 juniors until he could no longer be in volkach during the week because of his studies. In addition, the young first-team soccer player took on the role of media officer at the club and played a key role in redesigning the vfl’s website.

He can’t be a coach in his hometown club at the moment. In stuttgart, he is studying automotive engineering with a focus on automated driving. He is currently doing his master’s thesis in ulm. On weekends he comes home regularly: because of his girlfriend and because of football. He pays to the socks of the team promoted to the district league in the summer. What the vfl means to him? "I like the club and have grown up in it. I also help, at the moment via the internet."

His father, reiner, probably influenced him a great deal in terms of club work. "When i joined the club as a fubballer at the age of seven, he and jurgen hofmann were my coaches. Later my father was also on the board of directors. When you’ve been with the club that long, you know almost every blade of grass."Julian wiederer registers the current upswing in volkach fubball with pleasure. Despite the competition from handball and volleyball in the town, the club has filled every age group – in some cases with joint teams.

He will be happy to continue his involvement in the association in the future, if his job allows it. Now he’s excited about the trip to barcelona, which he won. In may, he will go there with the other prize winners. He can keep in touch with like-minded people until then: at the award ceremony, they set up a joint whatsapp group.