The wall is being renovated

Projects of the town construction demand pragged the council meeting in sulzfeld on tuesday evening. The project of the bus parking lot north at the mainlande, presented again by the administration, was rejected also this time by a council majority. Too much the costs of it galloped – so the argumentation.

A long discussion ensued about two projects from the catalog of the integrated urban development concept (IUDC). On the one hand, the council followed the suggestion of planner franz ullrich to carry out an "optical tuning" for the site of the building yard at the entrance to the town from the direction of segnitz. The situation there is to be improved only by minor improvements, for which there will be no subsidies from the public funds, but which will be more favorable overall. A little planting, fresh paint on the wall and tidying up the storage area – and the entrance to the village is already lifted up.

The council has long been concerned about the defense wall with its 21 towers, some of which are privately owned. It’s been the same picture for 500 years: the wall around the old town of sulzfeld may be in good shape, but it’s still crumbling and seething at every corner – and it’s always in need of repair and renovation. This costs a lot of money, but the pure preservation is not demanded.

With ISEK, there is a possibility of obtaining grants, but this requires more than just improvements. For one thing?S a concept and that is what ullrich is supposed to create. It says which section is broken and how urgently it needs to be repaired. Then they look at the surroundings, is it possible to walk along a path, is there a tower, of which there are 21?. Can this then be included in a redevelopment, does the owner go along with it, because some are privately owned, and what is the use afterwards?. This doesn’t have to be too unusual, it can also be a warehouse flat or a lookout tower. But this also meant that the prerequisites for grants were fulfilled.

The fear of some is that too much money will be spent on the community too quickly. What costs so much today will cost twice as much tomorrow. Can happen so mayor and planner unisono. The reorganization is not to be implemented today and tomorrow, but is planned for many years, even decades.

The planner’s fear: "it’s not much fun to work on things where you have the feeling that they don’t want it," ullrich said to the rates. In the end, the council agreed to have a concept drawn up for the renovation of the defense wall. How this is implemented will certainly depend on the costs and also on the ideas.