Discussions “in part very hurtful

Two topics have decisively shaped the political work of the CSU local association in 2018: the state and district elections and the possible new commercial area north of highway 303.

The old and new chairman gerhard schneider could refer to numerous events. As a mid-term review, the CSU/G local council faction proudly proclaimed that it had already achieved around two-thirds of its election promises. Schneider recalled the CSU muhlenfest and the agricultural talk with mdl martin schoffel. The state elections produced a historically bad result for the CSU in bavaria, which not even the joy over the good results in himmelkron could dispel.

Gerhard schneider then made it clear that the discussions about the expansion of the commercial areas had in part been very hurtful personally. "We have tried to represent our point of view objectively. We highlighted the opportunities and risks with a fact check." The opinion-forming process had been conducted in numerous meetings of the CSU local executive committee and the CSU G-community caucus. "For us, the clear commitment to this industrial area north of the B 303 stood with a large majority. However, after the discussions became increasingly heated and sometimes unobjective, our group decided to initiate a council petition to have the issue clarified by a referendum."

Schneider is hopeful

He is hopeful "that the chances of further jobs and design opportunities will continue to be available to us after the 26th congress. May be preserved".

Finally, schneider touched on other local political topics such as the relocation of the "geiersbach" with the realization of the first section of a cycle path on the old railroad line, the new construction of the water pipeline to the streitmuhle, numerous road rehabilitations, the good development in the residential construction sector, the village renewal acceptance of the "cemetery wall", and the new construction of the "cemetery wall" in himmelkron and the road expansion within the framework of the second land consolidation on.

Stefanie pochanke and sebastian herrmann reported on the work of the women’s union and the young union.

The local candidate for the european elections, nicole kaiser, presented the CSU’s ideas on european policy.