Rugendorf citizens say yes to village store

Rugendorf citizens say yes to village store

The last store in the village closes on 31. March 2013. The end of the shopping opportunity in rugendorf? – NO!
The population showed at the with about 100 people very well attended castle meeting on friday evening in the "house of the youth" in a test vote, a clear majority expressed interest in continuing to buy directly on site. With mayor martin weib and volker hahn from heiligersdorf at the helm, the "village store project" is now to be launched following this clear vote be driven forward.

"The need for a store is there. I was buried, if in rugendorf a shopping possibility is and remains. The basis for my daily shopping is a reasonable assortment and the prices must be acceptable. If these are decidedly higher than in the surrounding markets, then the mitburgers go to auswarts", said frank paul. And manfred schmidt-hofmann emphasized: "we should not talk up the issue under any circumstances. If the opportunity is given, it would be beneficial for the older citizens and also for the young families. It is interesting for most people to have a village store in rugendorf, to meet each other while shopping and to talk to each other on a daily basis."

Michael schneider asked whether the population should contribute to the village store with deposits? Volker hahn from heiligersdorf answered him that it is good to distribute it over several shoulders through shares in the company. Acceptance is also better. Heiko steger raised the question of personnel and their costs. "The management is voluntary, the store is run by a market manager as a full-time employee. In addition, there will be five 400-euro workers in heiligersdorf. We have to calculate 3500 euros a month for the staff," said sollner, hahn quantified. Harald zettl raised the basic question: "what is in question and what needs to be invested??". "We must and should all take the view that we need this place", albert muller challenged his fellow citizens.

A feasibility study will be conducted and a questionnaire will be sent out to rugendorf households to determine the need, which service should be provided and from when to when it should be opened.

"The most important point will be the search for a property in which the project can be implemented", hahn admitted.

The burgerschaft rugendorfs is to be informed constantly and thus surely already in january to an information meeting to become "dorfladen" invited.

The dumler business must be on 31. Marz to close its doors due to own needs. If everything goes well, the new rugendorf village store could open in late summer 2013, the heiligersdorfer – who has already helped lead these projects to success in his hometown and in grafengehaig – said! – very confident on friday.

District administrator klaus peter sollner also saw the establishment of a village store for rugendorf as a very important matter for the infrastructure of the community of 1000 souls. "Everyone should help to ensure that basic services are maintained locally", sollner emphasized.