Soldan invests six million euros in adelsdorf

Soldan invests six million euros in Adelsdorf

It was a tough battle that mayor karsten fischkal () and the municipality of adelsdorf finally decided in their favor: the company dr. Carl soldan gmbh will move its administrative headquarters from nurnberg to adelsdorf. Yesterday, the foundation stone was laid for the new building in hochstadter strabe, which will cost around six million euros.

For managing partner perry soldan, several factors were decisive in choosing the adelsdorf location: "i spent a lot of time here in my youth, and so adelsdorf has become a piece of home for me." But of course also economic considerations played a role.

The most important thing, however, is the water in adelsdorf. The company has its own well on its 66,000 square meter site. Since the water here is of an exceptionally high quality, it is ideally suited for the production of sweets. "You don't often find water this good", says soldan.

Because water plays such an elementary role in the manufacture of the company's products, architect georg hagen from nurnberg wants to incorporate it as a central design motif in the new building. "The whole thing will take the form of a watercourse that runs through the building and emerges at the end in a fish tank. We will also install a fountain", says hagen. Another concern for him is the "connection between the inside and the outside. This is particularly important in rural areas. A lot of glass, an atrium and several roof terraces will bring light into the interior of the building.

Natural materials
Hagen wanted to achieve the visual connection to the products by planting cubes with different herbs, which are to be distributed in the administration building. The building, with almost 2900 square meters of usable space, will have a first floor and three stories. "For the realization we use natural and near-natural materials."

Around 60 employees in nurnberg are affected by the move. "We wanted everyone to be happy to take the step to adelsdorf", says perry soldan. Therefore, there will be individual discussions with each employee in order to find a suitable approach for the respective situation. Soldan: "there will not be a blanket solution." A total of 170 people will be working for soldan in adelsdorf from spring 2014 onwards.

Perry soldan thanked mayor karsten fischkal and the community for making such a strong effort for the company. "We talked to several municipalities, but we were most convinced by the accommodating attitude of adelsdorf", says soldan.
The municipality benefits from higher trade tax revenues as a result of the relocation. New jobs are also being created. Fischkal hopes that the investment will further strengthen adelsdorf as a business location.

"The relocation of production from nurnberg to adelsdorf at the beginning of the 1960s was the starting signal for an industrial age", so fischkal "the transition from an agricultural to an industrial community." That in the future, the administration of the dr. Carl soldan gmbh will be located here is another milestone.

But the relocation of the administration from nurnberg to adelsdorf is not yet the end of the story. Soldan plans to invest a further 15 million euros in the site in the coming years. When the new building is completed, work will continue on the existing building: the production halls will be renovated and adapted to the look of the administration building.