At 18 on place 1

It was a bit cramped, but quite cozy at the nomination meeting of the kronach district association of bundnis90/die grunen. They met in the "sonnenschein" inn and presented their list for the county council and the city council. Among other things, they criticized "too much lobbying" and "too little heart and soul.

The candidates have no doubt what will be on the agenda in the future. Of course, the protection of nature is still in the foreground, but topics such as youth parliaments, care of the elderly citizens, refugee work and a good mobility concept should not be left out. The aim is to make the region stronger, to counteract the flatness of the region and, above all, to talk to each other sensibly.

And talking was also in the foreground of this meeting, because all candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and also to answer questions. Again and again, therefore, election director franz kostner had to interrupt at this point, because the joy of discussion had almost burst the frame.

However, the goal of attracting many more young people to the region and then integrating them into politics was clearly emphasized. They demonstrated it themselves this evening, because the list leader for the district council is elena pietrafesa, who is just 18 years old. But also the other candidates are a mix of young and experienced, women and men and above all a mirror image of the county.

And even though the opnv, which elena pietrafesa wants to expand, was not the central topic of the evening, several candidates spoke in favor of it. Overall, however, the region should above all be livable, so that young people come back, feel comfortable here and also settle here again.

We also want to take care of people "who are on the edge of society", about asylum seekers and socially disadvantaged citizens. "For this we want to send a clear signal to the eaves."

Farmer peter heller from marktrodach made agriculture his theme, so to speak. He spoke about the recent decisions from federal politics and wondered how to implement it all. "The farmers feel a bit dead."

Rosalie heckel, a music teacher, pointed out that there was a lot of potential to be tapped: "we were able to offer sustainable courses of study dealing with climate, environmental and nature protection."

Peter witton wants to fight for the social balance, who also complains about a "predatory capitalist sale of the hospital" excited.

All had pleaded for photovoltaics on as many public roofs as possible and a bicycle-friendly municipality. In addition, odette eisentrager-sarter informed that there will soon be an office for the greens in the former tabak fischer in the johann-nikolaus-zitter-strabe.

An appeal from the ranks of the greens was made at the end: "we have a strong influx and political responsibility. We should consider running for mayor of the city."