Children of tv unterrodach show what they can do

The boys and girls showed what they had learned during the year. Numerous parents, friends and relatives wanted to be present when the young athletes presented their rough progress. They were rewarded for coming with a colorful two-hour program – including gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, lots of music as well as poems and songs. Gabi bauer and sylvia hanke were in charge of the overall management. Together with the exercise leaders of the individual departments – gesine heppt, carmen schnell, birgit wich, miranda zwiehoff, julia messelberger and kim schroppel – the program was a complete success.

TVU chairman hartmut fleischmann thanked all active members and their parents for their loyalty to the sports club. He thanked all the training supervisors for their commitment during the year and all the helpers without whom the sporting year-end could not have been realized. "In the past year, well over 1000 qualified sports lessons were held", he praised and was pleased about the increase in the number of members of his association in 2012, which now has around 850 sports enthusiasts of all ages.
Priest dirk griesbach set the mood for christmas with atmospheric words and a song sung together with his wife christiane griesbach.

Also "high there was a visit for the sportsmen. The christmas child from kronach made an appearance together with his angels and brought some nice presents for the little ones. But then it was "stage free" for the sporty as well as musical trip around the world.

There is something going on
"Where we are, something is going on", was the motto of the boys and girls of the toddler gymnastics (led by gesine heppt), who did not promise too much with it. "Only flying is better" the girls of the gymnastics competition group performed acrobatic feats under the direction of sylvia hanke and later added a "touch of india" in the rodachtal hall. There was a lot of glamour with the "glamour girls" of the play and dance group of carmen quickly announced, which also with the performances "for all people" and "i make a wish inspired.

The youngest participants of the mother-child gymnastics with their parents and their leader birgit wich created a great atmosphere. Full of joy they presented participatory songs. The hip-hop-dance-group of miranda zwiehoff was also a great success to the sounds of "brenna tut's guat" and "my heart skips a beat. "Driving home for christmas the girls of gabi bauer, who had found their way from hawaii to the winterly marktrodach, wanted to. A festive highlight was the light dance rehearsed by julia messelberger and kim schroppel.

Santa claus also joined the big gymnastics family and he also had a whole sack full of surprises with him. The TVU brass band provided the musical accompaniment to the christmas party with its beautiful christmas sounds.