Bamberger on “the voice of germany”: french metal band gets to play encore – and convinces the jury

  • Bamberger at "the voice of germany
  • Patrick (29) wanted coaches with song from "nightmare on elm street" convince
  • His performance was shown on prosieben on thursday evening.

Update 03.10.2019: for patrick it was at "the voice of germany" not enough

At the blind auditions for "the voice of germany it’s about one of the coaches turning around during the song – patrick from bamberg couldn’t do that. With "jack’s lament from the movie "nightmare on elm street" he could not convince any of the four jurors. But at least he and his band were allowed to play an encore afterwards. But it was much harder – the hall was raging.

Juro sido finally brought it to the point: "if you had performed like that right away, i had turned around." So the young bamberger has at least once a rough stage for himself and his band with the song "birth of the wicked" at the prosieben-castingshow had and reaped rough applause.

Patrick bulluck had never been surrounded by so much hustle and bustle before. Let alone tv cameras or rough celebrities from the german music business. The 29-year-old from bamberg owes this unusual experience to his remarkable voice and the current season of the TV show "the voice of germany" to owe. How he did and whether he will advance to the next round will be revealed on thursday, 3 p.M. October, 20.15 o’clock, to be seen on prosieben.

"Even if I win this race in the end, I will stay here and seek my musical fortune in france", says the 29-year-old in an interview. He has already found his musical home; in metal. "It was great that I could remain myself in this broadcast and show myself as I am." Which song he performed in front of the four star jurors rea garvey, sido, alice merton and mark foster, he does not want to reveal. Just this much: "my bandmates are traveling with me, as is my family. There is a huge surprise for everyone …"

"The voice of germany": patrick comes from a family of musicians

The likeable bamberger has already been able to gather a lot of stage experience. He had his first performances at the age of nine, played in theater pieces and made music in the school band. Later, garage bands with different orientations followed. Rock, reggae, blues, cover songs – it was all there. Since 2015 he has been the lead guitarist and singer of the local metal group "birth of the wicked" on stage.

The talent was already laid in the cradle of the musical ace of all trades. He could learn a lot from his father, the blues legend tony bulluck. With him he also experienced one of the most exciting minutes of his career. At the age of just 17 he was allowed to perform with him and other big names of the scene at the 2007 jazz and blues festival. "That was something special", he remembers. "In our family, music is actually played all the time", says patrick. "That praises."

He has never enjoyed a professional musician’s education. But apparently he doesn’t need to. His motto is: do, do, do. And best really loud. What also applies to his life outside the concert halls. Patrick has been working as a nursery nurse in the bamberger waldkindergarten for ten years. "Music helps a lot when working with children", he says.

Hard shell, soft core

A metaler in kindergarten? Long hair, black headscarf, goatee, tattoos – the children don’t care, and the parents quickly discover the soft core behind the supposedly rough exterior. Spatesten wenn er mit gitarre auf dem baumstumpf sitzt und das selbst geschriebene (?) waldschrate-lied sings, hanged coarse and small on his lips. "Why metal fans are so keen to take up social professions? Certainly to break down prejudices", he says with a laugh. With success.

Coincidence leads patrick to casting show

But how does someone like patrick become "the voice of germany"?? The TV show isn’t exactly known for its tough sounds," he says with a laugh… Quite simply, it’s down to perseverance and – as is so often the case – a funny coincidence. His wife had been asking him for years why he didn’t take part in a casting.

Long patrick declined with thanks. Until a few months ago: "i was supposed to accompany a good friend as a duet partner at one of the open castings in munich. But as it turned out there, we were not allowed to perform in pairs at all. So we both sang alone." And was promptly invited to the "blind auditions" invited to berlin.

"Of course, I never expected to make it onto the TV show", he says quite modestly. "Man, was I excited." But he is always like that before a performance. "I need this. When I’m not excited, I know I don’t want to go on stage that day. But that hasn’t happened yet." He laughs.

What happens after "the voice of germany"? More?

Whatever his further path in the colorful casting show landscape, no one can take this experience away from him now. "It was great to meet the coaches and get so close to them. Also because they had taken time before and after the appearances to get to know the candidates better." And in general, it was cool to make an appearance outside of france for once.

But in the end, he says, it’s best to be at home. Exactly there he will follow the rough appearance on television together with his band colleagues, friends and family. And everyone will give him the thumbs up.