Wonsees has vacancies in its sights

Wonsees has vacancies in its sights

The market of wonsees does not only want to designate new building areas and create building vacancies in order to satisfy the demand for building sites. The municipality also wants to prevent the extinction of the town centers and therefore has its sights set on the many vacant properties and wants to put them to new use.

The gymnasium is coming up soon

The community has already been able to celebrate two successes: the school, which was closed in 2013, has been sold. A rough veterinary practice has been opened there in the meantime. And the gymnasium will be converted into a meeting center in the near future, thanks to high government demand. "We are glad that solutions were found promptly", says mayor andreas pohner (CSU).

However, the market is not only looking at municipal buildings, but also at private properties that are living in the shadows. For example, the vacant houses in thurnauer strabe "which are not a billboard", as pohner points out.

In the course of the integrated urban development concept (ISEK), the structural development was also examined in the past years. In 2016, a survey in the main town and in the suburbs registered 43 building vacancies and empty properties. All property owners were contacted. "23 have come forward, ten have signaled their basic willingness to sell.", says the mayor.

Market negotiates with owners

The market mediates – if desired – a realtor, but in thurnauer strabe is also willing to take money into its own hands to initiate housing projects. There are four vacant properties. Pohner: "with three owners, we are already relatively far along in the sales negotiations." The mayor hopes that the municipality will be able to acquire the properties and finance not only the purchase but also the possible reconstruction or demolition of the buildings through the north-east bavaria demand offensive. "We are already in talks with the government of upper franconia." An expert opinion will be prepared to provide information on the value of the property.

The search for an investor

On the many thousands of square meters of land on the schwalbach, the community can envision rental apartments through the conversion of houses and the new construction of a housing complex suitable for seniors. The necessary tree removals could be carried out by an investor, but according to pohner, if necessary, the market of wonsees itself could also do it through a special program for housing construction. "We would prefer it if we could land a builder or investor." But this is not yet the case. Pohner: "we are in the development planning phase. Whether and when our ideas can be realized is still up in the air."

The head of the community hopes that the housing starts can be tackled promptly in order to satisfy the demand for rental apartments ("the need is there"), but also in order to create apartments suitable for senior citizens, which he says are urgently needed. "Because there are some people from wonsee who want to grow old with us, but perhaps couldn’t because their own houses are not barrier-free."